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Balancing Mom With Real Life

There’s no doubt that being a mom can be hard. But when you add in work, relationships, and making time to get fit, things can get pretty freakin’ cray. I personally feel that I am a better mother to my little ones when I have a good balance between motherhood, work, getting fit and healthy,…

Understanding Cellulite During Pregnancy

Understanding Cellulite During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change, but not all of that change is welcome! Among the unwanted changes many women experience is the development or worsening of cellulite. There are several reasons why pregnancy is so conducive to the development of cellulite. But the good news is that the cellulite you develop is entirely possible…

Understanding Food Labels

How to Read & Understand Food Labels

Food labels can be confusing and feel like they’re full of information we don’t really need. What information on a food label is helping us? In this guide, I’m helping you read and understand food labels to help on your fitness and weight loss journey.  How to Read & Understand Food Labels Attempting to decode…

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