Balancing Mom With Real Life

There’s no doubt that being a mom can be hard. But when you add in work, relationships, and making time to get fit, things can get pretty freakin’ cray. I personally feel that I am a better mother to my little ones when I have a good balance between motherhood, work, getting fit and healthy, and maintaining a positive relationship with my husband.


As many of you already know, I created my Mother Strong league to inspire women around the world to find themselves after they become a mother. But that empowerment can be pretty difficult to find, which is why I want to share the things I have incorporated in my life that make it a bit easier. I am in no way shape or form an expert on being a mom and wife – I simply want to share some helpful tips I live by to my readers – aka all of you.


Before I had kids, I thought it would be easy to do it all, but when I realized that I was pretty much holding on for dear life (and probably hadn’t washed my hair in a good week), I reached out to my mother in law for help. She started helping me more and more, and I immediately realized how important these breaks were for my sanity. So many of my girlfriends struggle to get help with their children because they feel like asking for it means they’re a failure, but to me, mental breathers are a necessity.


And when I do have that precious time to myself, I take advantage of it. For me, working out stops me from killing people (I kid, I kid…. Kinda of! LOL). But for you, feeling like a rockstar may mean taking a relaxing bath, reading a new book, or hiding in your closet and eating a slice of pie (been there, done that).


When it comes to being in a relationship, I wholeheartedly believe in taking the time to be a couple, not just mom and dad. My husband and I were recently lucky enough to go to Iceland for a few days on our own. It was so nice to reconnect, unplug, and just be husband and wife. If traveling is out of the question, make time for date nights where talking about the kids is off-limits or plan a romantic night at home after your little ones go to sleep.


Last but definitely not least, comes time management. Talk to your partner when you feel like there’s too much on your plate. I find when I keep everything to myself, I explode – which I must say is no fun for my family (sorry, guys). Remember that it’s okay to say you’re overwhelmed and need a hand – you’re human…even though you may not feel like it 24/7, ha! So the next time family, friends, neighbours, or a random stranger on the street (just kidding), offer help, take it and run, don’t walk, the other direction, because let’s be real, mamas – the struggle is real.


Whether it’s tips on making time to get fit, get in some much needed r&r, or simply just make time for yourself, I would love to hear the tips and tricks you swear by to stay happy (and sane). Share them with me in the comment section below!



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