Easy Steps to Finding Yourself After Becoming A Mom


There’s something so magical about pregnancy and having a baby. During pregnancy, you spend your days reading up on your baby’s development and your nights dreaming about what your baby will be like. And then the baby comes! You just know your baby is the absolute cutest baby you have ever seen.  You can’t even imagine being away from him for long. But just as you’re feeling like your whole life revolves around this new little person, you need to remember to carve out some time for yourself as well. The reality is, it’s completely normal and ok to want some time to yourself. Even the calmest, most content baby needs a lot of attention and care. This is compounded with multiple kids. Just like a vacation is a refreshing break from your normal life, doing things for yourself will help your mental health.

Take up a hobby

Find a new hobby, or rediscover an old one! What used to make you happy before becoming a mom? Did you use to paint? Go for bike rides? Have you always wanted to try your hand at playing the piano? Picking a hobby gives you time to yourself, and gives you the feeling that you have something you’re good at besides just your role as a mother.

Treat yourself

Moms love spending money on their kids….cute baby clothes, toys they know will make their child happy, etc. But how often is it that you spend money on something for yourself? And not just a necessity, something that actually made you happy. It doesn’t have to be pricey, either! A cute new shirt or a fun pair of sunglasses can give you a quick boost in happiness and help you feel better about yourself. Or buy something to do with your hobby you’ve gotten into!

Set aside time for yourself

As a mom, you need time for yourself. This can be anything from a few moments to sit down and drink your coffee in peace, to an hour to yourself to get your nails done, to spending a night out with your significant other or some girlfriends. Time away from your role as a mom is extremely important. We all need alone time as a way to take a mental breather. And many moms will attest to the fact that spending time with other adults is very needed when your day is dominated by conversations with a three-year-old! You’ll return to your kid(s) feeling refreshed, happier, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Mom guilt

You can’t talk about spending some “me” time without mentioning mom guilt. It’s very common, and very normal, to feel a sense of guilt when you take time for yourself. Society paints this beautiful picture of the selfless, always-happy mother, and it’s a persona many women try to fill. But realistically, investing all of your time and energy into others only can be very draining and can lead to a sense of being burnt out. So try one of the tips above. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at how doing a little something for yourself can go such a long way. If you feel that nagging little sense of guilt creeping in, remind yourself that you deserve to be happy too! And if you need further motivation, remember that a happy you equals a happy family!


Exercise is one great way to do something for yourself. What better way to spend your time than by doing something that will repay you in the health, energy, and mood departments?

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