How This Working Mom Recovered From the Effects of Surrogacy & Reclaimed Her Body in 5 Months

Today, I’m sharing an inspiring story of a mom who endured a tough journey to be a surrogate mom for 2 years. This post is meant to inspire and introduce a style of personalized coaching, designed specifically for moms. Personal coaching should be designed with YOU in mind. Your body and the changes that you’ve gone through. That’s why I am so passionate about sharing personal coaching for moms. 

How Personalized Coaching Designed for Moms Helped Her Recover Post Surrogacy

Meet Kendra! Kendra is a  busy working mom with two kids under 7. She works as a full-time Coordinator of Merchandising for a large company in her hometown in Canada.  Her work entails long workdays of up to 9 hours a day… mostly all on her feet. And all on top of all the chores that come with being a mom. 

But, Kendra is no ordinary mom….she is one with a HUGE heart, and you’re about to find out why.

Kendra was trying to help a fellow mom experience motherhood, so for the last 2 years, she embarked on a journey to become a surrogate mother. 

All the physical preparation for screening, the medications, the hormones,  the mood swings…. Pheeew!  It is safe to say she had lost control of her body, and I think it is safe to say she probably didn’t recognize the body she was living with either. 

My body was not mine for 2 years. Attempting to be a surrogate takes many injections of hormones.”–Kendra 

Time to reclaim her body back with personalized coaching for moms

In this whole endeavor, Kendra had a total of 7 embryos transferred.

Any mother who has tried to get pregnant without luck knows how emotionally and physically draining that wait can be…

And, in Kendra’s case, there was added pressure because this wasn’t just about her and her family, she also carried the pressure of bringing the miracle of life to another family.

But after 3 miscarriages, she had to accept that surrogacy may not be possible for her.

Guilt, disbelief, anger, disappointment—she experienced them all in this journey filled with trauma.

After the 3rd miscarriage, she knew she was done, emotionally and physically. She realized that her body had gone through a lot in a span of 2 years and it was time for her to OWN HER BODY once again. This time, it deserved tender loving care more than anything.

Time for some TLC

After deciding that she was ready to regain control over her body, the search began to find the best plan of action to get her in the best shape of her life. 

Kendra was not new to trying fitness programs, and hiring coaches… In fact, in the past, she had a trainer at her local gym. The problem was that the methods used by the trainer didn’t align with how busy her life is (nor did it align with her budget). Very strict nutritional guidance, several timed meals per day, and the need to go to an actual gym, which with the lockdown in Canada, was certainly not possible. That strategy gave her some results, but she knew they weren’t sustainable. 

Of course, she also had the option to do it on her own. But, from past experience, she knew that she would eventually end up yo-yo dieting

Another hurdle of not following a specific program: it’s so easy to fall off the track, and it ultimately leads to inconsistency with routines and results. All of this led Kendra to search for an alternative solution. She changed her search to for personalized coaching for moms, that could be done virtually! 

Kendra’s sweet spot

Given that Kendra had already tried an unsustainable fitness program in the past…

And the thought of doing fitness routines (on her own) without guidance wouldn’t make a big difference…

What could be Kendra’s solution to this dilemma? 

That’s when she saw me talk about one of my challenges on Instagram, and she immediately decided to sign up. 

Kendra embraced the friendly competition and really stuck with it as the plan was sustainable and it fit around her busy life. She was amazed by the visible results, so she decided to join 2 of my succeeding challenges.

The challenges are a great way to get your fitness routine the kickstart it needs, which is exactly what Kendra was looking for.

Plus, the prizes make the challenge more fun, adding an extra layer of motivation to achieve the goals. 

Although they require self-discipline, you won’t feel alone because there are hundreds of other mothers. They can be your accountability buddy, your cheerleaders, and your healthy competitors. Plus, I regularly chime in the private Facebook group to answer questions.

This is the kind of balance that Kendra was looking for.

The workouts are SUPER easy and straightforward…I can do them from home or the gym if I want to. I have learned how to eat properly without obsessing…Nathalia teaches everything that there is to know about how to eat properly.” – Kendra

The body that Kendra was able to reclaim

One of the main reasons Kendra has been successful in this journey has been simply due to the fact that she realized she needed help. 

Before the challenge, she wasn’t sure what to do and how to set goals that were attainable, and most importantly how to have a roadmap to accomplish these goals. 

When she joined the challenge she received a plan that worked for her busy schedule, she trusted the process, and got the results!

It all started with wanting to change and acknowledging that she needed help!

She signed up for her first challenge right before the holidays and was able to navigate such a challenging time of the year for anyone’s fitness goals,  with confidence and the right tools to keep on making progress when everyone else is not.  So far, Kendra has lost a total of 15lbs in 5 months and is still very motivated to lose more. 

Her secret: 

It helps not to put too much pressure on yourself, and celebrate the wins” – Kendra

Unexpected bonus:

As I mentioned before, Kendra is a veteran at working with coaches and one of the many benefits she has found with signing up for the challenge was not one she was even expecting from her previous experiences!

It turns out that Kendra has not only been able to reclaim her body,  lose fat, and look incredible but she has also seen a significant amount of money being saved with groceries!

In the challenge we simplify fitness for you, so you don’t have to buy fancy(and expensive) ingredients nor do you have to eat every few hours, and this is not something Kendra was expecting to be a benefit from the program: She is now SAVING MONEY by following our Nutrition framework!

Meal planning and keeping my diet simple has helped my groceries to be consistent. Truly, helpful for a family of 4! I now can eat what I want as long as it fits in my daily macros. Easy peasy.”– Kendra 

Take it from Kendra: “The amount of value you get for the price is incredible and too amazing to pass up!

And with that, I’m happy to share I have a brand new free class that will walk you through realistic ways that you can lose weight (and keep it off) this year. Watch the class here

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