How You Can Stay Sane and Fit While Social Isolating Like This Mom

In this post I’m sharing Faith’s story (from my Mother Strong League Program.) She’ll help you stay sane and FIT while social isolating. This post was part of my COVID-19 series. But I know this post will still be valuable to others still struggling to stay sane and fit while social isolating. Let’s go!  

Stay Sane and Fit While Social Isolating 

It’s no secret that COVID19 is greatly affecting all of our lives. With the kids home from school and families practicing social distancing, now is the time for us to come together as a community (virtually of course). Today, I wanted to share with you how the ladies in our community are managing their lives with limited social interaction. While trying to work while homeschooling the kids and, not going crazy with our husbands/partners being in the house all day every day AND still maintain their fitness. 

Because we all know that if you are experiencing any (or all) of the things I mentioned above, you are NOT alone. 

All of this that is going on can feel isolating and lonely, but our community has your back! (You can find ALL the free resources we have HERE as well as our free community HERE).

Today I am going to share Faith’s story and her strategies to cope with the current challenges and obstacles…

Faith is Texas local and a mom of 3 kids with ranging ages from 24 to 12. 

How Faith is Staying SANE and FIT in Quarantine

For Faith, this experience of quarantine and social distancing has helped her youngest son, Gavin explore things he is interested in and find his passions (plus it gives her a little break! Haha… No judgment here). And it’s a challenge to stay active. So they have been going for walks and runs with the dog… and, she is being a bit flexible now by allowing him to skate around the house. (gulp!)

Faith’s take on practicing social distancing while caring for her child is very similar to what we have been doing in our house and what many other moms in our community have been doing as well.

Doing our best to keep some “normality”. Allow the kids some lee-way to explore the things they enjoy and keeping them physically active in whichever way possible. 

Then I wanted to talk to her about her own health and wellbeing.

Fitness and Nutrition: how to stay on track during uncertain times.

Faith’s been trying to make the best out of the situation. Although she hasn’t been able to get some of the favorite food items she’s still on track with her nutrition. She’s having to make some changes and replacements of course! But Faith is able to do that because of the information provided in her program. She’s learning how to become self-sufficient and not depend on a specific cookie-cutter meal plan. 

She also shared a tip, which I think is valuable and probably what many people are doing right now either due to anxiety or just boredom.

I don’t graze or snack throughout the day, because that would put me right back to where I was before I started working with Nathalia.”

Like so many, Faith is normally a gym-goer. She said that when she tried working out from home she didn’t feel like she pushed herself the way she did in the gym. And at the gym, there were fewer interruptions. 

This is a problem many women have when training from home. I asked Faith what she has been doing to feel challenged, given that now home workouts are the ONLY option. I absolutely LOVED her take on this, and here is what she said.

Now, knowing this is my only time to get my workout in, I tell my boys (Gavin AND my husband when he’s home) I will be in “The Gym” and to handle things for themselves for an hour at least….The only way my family knows I’m serious is if I stick to my word, and then that gets them to respect this time is important to me.”

I really believe that during this time of social distancing, life can feel very alone. Having the support of a community can be the make or break of your success… especially during challenging times like now. People who are not really into fitness might not understand how training is important not only for our physical health but also for our mental health. 

I then asked Faith about the support from my Fitness Program community and how we have been there for her.

“The MSL has been an amazing community outlet for me. All these wonderful women and moms communicating all around the world with similar situations of life, questions about fitness,  working together as a sisterhood!!”

She even said that whenever she is “stuck”, whether it’s fitness related or not, she asks in our community before even going to a family member.

“I know someone in the MSL will understand where I am coming from. If I say something that is not properly put out of frustration, they will not judge me for it.” Faith says.

But, our community isn’t just about asking for advice… It is also about knowing that you are a valuable member who will be there for others when they need it as well. 

“To be able to send a positive message to the UK girls! And reassure them when they are down they are not alone at that moment, is a truly fantastic gift.”

The Mother Strong League is our program for moms and moms to be.

It has result-driven workout plans (Home AND Gym), nutritional guidance, easy to follow meal plans and, delicious recipe. It’s founded in our 7 Core Pillars to become the fittest you will ever be. 

So, I asked Faith how the fitness challenge has changed her fitness. I think this question was particularly important to ask Faith. I know that when she first joined the program she came with a lot of extreme views on exercising and dieting.

She said, “I have gone through competition training and had developed the mentality that if I wasn’t in the gym over 2 hours a session,  I wasn’t working out enough. That was until now. I have learned to prioritize my time without jeopardizing my workouts.”

I have watched Faith evolve and become much more open to new strategies! All while getting the results she was after without extremes. She has lost nearly 20lbs so far!

The reality is that knowing that you are working with a proven system will definitely put your mind at ease. Knowing that you’re not wasting your time (and sometimes money) will actually get you results. 

I asked Faith how does she picture her journey without the Mother Strong League. I might or might not have cried when I heard what she had to say…

“These ladies make the journey so much more fulfilling if you will. It’s almost like we share each other’s accomplishments and that is the best kind of affirmation. And, Nathalia’s no bullshit spunky sassy attitude, I don’t think I would do without the MSL.”

Listening to Faith talk about the Fitness Challenge and how it’s helped her and her family during this time has been INCREDIBLE. It’s amazing to have this kind of support and community at a time like this. And that’s why… for this week only, I want to give you a special gift.

Curious to learn more? Ready to start your own fitness journey? Check out our amazing 5 Week SUPER Shred Challenge here, and take advantage of the Early Bird pricing promotion ending in just a few days.

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