How This Vegan Mom with Autoimmune Disease Was Able to Accomplish Her Fitness Goals in 3 Months

In this post, I’m sharing weight loss tips for Vegan Moms. Especially this vegan mama with an autoimmune disease. She’s made amazing progress over the last three months, and this story will inspire you too! 

Weight Loss Tips for Vegan Moms

Today, I have this inspiring story of a 40-year old mom with her 3-year old son. She has built a solid career, has traveled to many places, and has been active in sports all her life. This is a story of an extraordinary achiever (and why seeking external guidance when the going gets tough is not a bad thing at all.)...

Meet Summer…a very accomplished woman in all aspects of her life. Aside from being a mom, a wife, and a career woman, she has been a runner most of her life, with 50 races under her belt (which includes 12 full marathons, 27 half marathons, a handful of trail races, and a 181-mile ultra-marathon). Truly, ACTIVE” is an understatement.

Being an athlete has been a huge part of her identity, not even an injury could stop her…

In 2009, she suffered a running-related injury, which then made her look for other physical activities while healing. At 27, she fell in love with weight-lifting so she heavily focused on it, and even decided to sign up for a bodybuilding competition at that time. She joined her first bikini competition at the age of 30.

I incorporated weight lifting with my competitive running and also paced many races throughout my thirties which allowed me to travel quite a bit.” —Summer

She also enjoys snowboarding and rock climbing together with her husband.

She truly was an epitome of a woman with a very active lifestyle.

The baby “bump”

When I became pregnant with my son, I went from “being an athlete” to “carrying an additional 70 lbs.” on my 5’2 frame. I had symphysis pubis symphysis separation and could barely walk to my mailbox…The realities of pregnancy hit HARD. I had horrible morning sickness, and just kept gaining weight despite watching what I was eating” -Summer

* Pubis Symphysis Separation is defined as the separation of the joint, without fracture.

The Postpartum scenario wasn’t easier

Summer gave birth through C-section in February of 2019, and she struggled to figure out what her “new normal” was.

She would look in the mirror and cry, thinking: “The body I was in wasn’t mine…not the one I knew.” 

To make matters worse, just months after treating her pubic dislocation and diastasis recti, she experienced mylar rash, and was eventually diagnosed with Lupus. (sigh)

With all these health problems, and as a new full-time working mom, she no longer had the bandwidth for long runs or 3-hour gym visits. 

The weight did not “melt off” with breastfeeding. In a span of 2 years, she was only able to lose 10lbs. She couldn’t get through this plateau. That’s when she knew that she needed external help.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results…

It was clear that what I was doing wasn’t going to get me where I wanted. I had reached my knowledge limit. I needed an expert who understood the demands of motherhood and could meet me where I was.” – Summer

She knows what her strengths and weaknesses are. And she has accepted the fact that postpartum fitness is a world she’s not familiar with.  That’s the reason why she decided to hire me as her coach.

The postpartum stage is no joke. Even as a former pro-athlete, I know how hard it can be to recover physically, emotionally, and mentally as a woman. That is why I love coaching moms, especially those who are fully aware of their situation and are ready for change. 

What’s it like working with me? 

Let’s hear it from Summer:

The customization of the program to my very specific needs, using exactly what I have in my home, right down to the number of days and amount of time I can spend working out has been a game-changer—absolutely incredible.

I love that I can be real with Nathalia and that she not only meets her clients where they are, but holds me accountable. It really feels like I am not doing this alone. I eat real food and I love it. And I am teaching my son that foods are not inherently ‘bad’ or ‘good’. He is benefiting as much as I am.”

What did Summer achieve with my Personalized Coaching Program?

Summer says: 

A real sense of accomplishment. I am crying while I write this. I have accomplished in two months what I’ve been trying to do for almost 3 years. I’m vegan. I have lupus. These are all non-issues. I am giving my son the best of me and that makes me a great mom. I am so thankful.”

Weight loss tips for Vegan Moms

During the program, she has not had ANY Lupus episodes. She’s happily eating food that she actually wants without the guilt. 

Not only did Summer become fitter during our coaching program, she also felt happier in general. She adds:

My son sees how happy I am, but also sees me working out and he wants to work out with me. I am setting an example. I am eating things I love, creating memories, enjoying my family without stressing about food while still reaching my goals.

Her message to all the moms out there:

Do the program! It is absolutely attainable. If you have 30 minutes for yourself– or if you can create 30 minutes for yourself–you can do this!” —Summer

Want a stronger layer of guidance in your fitness journey?

Join my personalized coaching program, which is a VERY exclusive coaching opportunity to work with me directly. As I will personally guide clients in this program, I only have limited slots. If you need a higher level and more personalized level of fitness coaching, click here to apply or email: [email protected].

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