How This Mom Lost Over 15lbs And Regained Her Confidence -Without Letting Lockdown Stop Her!

In this post I’m going to be sharing the inspiring story of how this mom lost over 15lbs, regained her confidence and refused to let lockdown slow her down. Introducing Carrie, one of the mama’s in my signature group, the Mother Strong League. 

I can’t believe it’s THANKSGIVING WEEK! With the holidays right around the corner, last week I gave you 10 healthy Pumpkin pie recipes that you can read HERE. With New Year fast approaching, I interviewed women who are on the same boat as you and are juggling all the mom things while managing to find fitness success with the Mother Strong League program. 

I love listening to other mom’s stories! How they overcome obstacles and everyday challenges to keep on crushing their goals.

How this mom lost over 15lbs (and regained her confidence!)

Today I am going to be sharing this AMAZING mom’s success story: Meet Carrie!

Before that, here’s the story of how I met Carrie. 

We both go to the same gym and have kids of similar age. Carrie and I would always bump into each other when dropping the kids off at the childcare center in the gym. 

I remember always seeing her in the weight room working hard, and I would give her an imaginary high five. You know when you see someone in the gym who means business?! That was Carrie! I could just tell she had a great work ethic in the gym. 

A few months later, I received a message from her but I didn’t know it was actually her yet. She told me that despite her hard work in the gym, she wasn’t getting the results she was after… the weight wasn’t coming off. And with her 40th birthday coming up she wanted to look and feel amazing for the big day!

Now let’s get into the juicy details of how Carrie hit her goals:

Carrie is a busy stay-at-home mom to 2 kids (4yrs and 9yrs old), Colton and Taylor. Carrie and her husband have been married for 13 years!

Like the many mamas out there, Carrie felt the challenges that came with schools closing. Not being able to go many places and routine going out of the window with the lockdown. Like many of us, she sees training as an outlet, and with gyms closing it felt like her “therapy” had been taken away. 

How was life before the Mother Strong League(MSL)?

“Before I found MSL I was just trying to eat well and do a lot on my own.”

I honestly hear this a lot. There are so many different fads out there and I know how easy it is to get fed up with everyone having the “magic diet.”

“I had used another program and had success a few years ago but slowly started getting bored and tried to do things on my own. I was working out and truly guessed what I was doing was correct.”

The Mother Strong League was created for this exact reason. As a mom, it was my goal to help as many women as possible. I felt like my background, knowledge, and expertise as a pre and postnatal trainer and, as a fitness model and bikini Olympia champion was worth nothing if I couldn’t use it for the greater good of helping women going through struggles I had been in before.

Carrie said that before joining the MSL, she struggled with being held accountable for her eating. 

She also struggled with following through and finishing a consistent workout. She said that being at home more with the family over the last few months, she found herself snacking a lot too! Can anyone else relate?!

“The gym has never been a scary place for me but eating right has always been a struggle. Being at home more with the family over the last few months I found myself snacking a lot too.”

I felt this, and this has been a common topic amongst moms (or just anybody who is trying to survive 2020, really)! There have been a few times, I have had to ask myself if I was actually hungry or just stress eating.

Also question for the fellow moms out there: 

Have you ever snuck in the pantry or bathroom just to indulge yourself with a treat just for you? 🤣  #AskingForAFriend

“With all that has changed in the last 6 months, I realized I needed to do something for myself. I felt I was in a funk. The gyms were closed and everyone was at home.”

This is the reality for most moms out there. They feel like they shouldn’t take care of themselves, and end up last on the list of priorities… but, the reality is that you can only show up being your best self for your family when you actually feel your best. 

Ultimately, you can’t pour from an empty cup!  (Read that again, girl!)

Even on a normal day, in a normal year, life is full of ups and downs. As much as motherhood is its own blessing, there is a struggle in it too. It’s hard at times to find time to finish everything, much less take time out for yourself.

 “A friend from the gym mentioned Nathalia and at the time I had no idea how big MSL was and what a difference it would make in my life.”

As a busy mom, I wanted to create a program and a community of moms just alike because I have been there. I’ve not only had to strengthen my body physically but also mentally. I had to lay a foundation and change the all or nothing mindset I’ve always had as a former professional athlete.

So I have the pleasure of helping moms build confidence, strengthen their bodies and minds just like Carrie. I LOVE hearing stories of how and why people started as well as their journey through the program!

“Seeing my energy and strength grow over the first few weeks was great. Knowing I had a plan laid out for me and I did not have to guess or even make something up when it came to the workouts.”

As mothers, we’re stressed. We’re tired. We’re being pulled in a million different directions. And we don’t feel like we achieve our fitness goals: be that lose weight or tone up. BUT just like Carrie, you have to take that first step, believe in yourself, and find a program that understands your busy life so you don’t feel discouraged and defeated. 

Carrie said that she enjoyed the attention to women’s health because while we’re all different after having a baby, you can still see results with a plan that takes into account those changes! 

“Nathalia is truly a non-judgmental mentor and trainer.” 

(Ok girl… I am over here blushing hard! Thank YOU! I promise I didn’t tell her to say that. Hahaha)

“Her sweet, confident, caring and strong personality is true. She is not pretending, who you see online is who she is in real life. That connection alone makes this so much better for me.”

Carrie has been able to lose 15lbs so far! She has been honest with me and said that the last month, stress got to her. I understand life is not a fairytale and it is not always smooth. However, that is why I created a strong program. Even when you have a bad day or a bad week, I’ll still be there to inspire you, challenge you and push you to pull through. 

“More importantly I feel stronger and more confident. Even when I have a few bad days I know I can get back up and get my booty in gear.”

“The part that has surprised me the most is how involved Nathalia is in the program and the constant support from others. As I said before I have gotten off the tracks here and there but the support from the group has really helped me know I’m going to be just fine and hitting my goal of Fit by 40 is possible.”

I know a lot of moms are hesitant to join a program thinking that it’s just like the last one they tried where they pay money and someone takes it and sends them a downloadable PDF and expects results! Not here! I am going to be all up in your fitness business and have you in mind so we can hold each other accountable! Because that’s what we do here!

Carrie said that the biggest part of having access to MSL during this crazy time (helllllloo COVID) has been the home workouts and the community we have. Creating an uplifting, honest AF community has been my goal so that you can see the successes others are having in the MSL community… so you can feel encouraged and excited. (We even host online Girl’s Happy Hours, and ladies from all over the world come together to chat and connect!)

“There is so much positivity in this group and it starts with Nathalia.” 

I am not very good at working out at home but getting the right equipment (bands, etc.) and having a plan has shown me that I can still get a great workout at home.”

With my program, I have created gym AND home workouts! It is important for my moms to feel challenged at home either due to COVID or just life!

“The home workouts are always in my back pocket. Our gyms are open now but with school at home and my hubby working at home I do not always get the time to sneak away to work out at the gym.”

Thanks to MSL I have the home workouts to do. (And they are just as hard of a workout as those for the gym.)

I asked Carrie what would you tell anyone who is on the fence about joining, but haven’t taken that leap of faith? And her answer made me want to stand up and clap because IT. IS. WHY. I. STARTED. THIS. PROGRAM.

It’s not easy and there’s not a miracle pill to get you where you want to be. It takes work and mental strength to get you where you want to be in life. 

The world is full of negativity right now. The MSL has been a place of positivity and love and lots of mom power!!!!

If you too want to regain control of your fitness, health, and energy levels so you can show up being the best version of yourself, for yourself and for your family… Come join the Mother Strong League and be our next success story! I believe in you! 

This program can do for you what it has done for Carrie, help you regain control over your body, fitness, and nutrition so you can show up being the best version of yourself, and even feel confident AF to snap those holiday pictures! 

Come join the Mother Strong League today, I can’t wait to have you!

Click HERE to join.

I can’t wait to feature YOU as our next success story!

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