How This Mama Lost OVER 50lbs While Breastfeeding

In this post I’m going to be sharing Margot’s inspiring story of how she lost 50LBS after having her second C-Section. I want to help inspire other mom’s who are trying or struggling to lose weight. It is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding, while postpartum, but it’s important to have a plan that works. So here’s Margot’s journey getting past her own struggle to lose weight. And of course, how you can too.

Hi Fam! Before we get started I wanted to share something AMAZING. Last week we dove into 7 practical tips for finding the time to workout as a mom. If you missed that post, you can find it here. I interviewed several women who juggle the stressors of everyday life while managing to find success within the Mother Strong League program. 

I loved being able to offer you hope and insight from women who live similar lives to yours so I’ve decided to dive even deeper into this opportunity by interviewing several wonderful women who are current participants of my program!

Struggling to lose weight? This will help!

Today we are going to be chatting with Margot about struggling to lose weight! (And what worked for her!)

Allow me to introduce this busy mama! Margot and her husband have been married for 9 years and both are active military. She is a proud mama of two little girls, ages two and four. Margot has graciously agreed to allow me to interview her so that I am able to bring her story to life for the many mamas out there who may be struggling in similar areas. Or any woman who can relate to the physical and emotional ups and downs of motherhood. You  know why you’re here! Let’s get to it!

How was life before the Mother Strong League?

Margot explained to me that she did quite enjoy her fitness routine before becoming a mom. She went on to say that she previously participated in bikini fitness competitions. However, she admitted that once she became pregnant, she practically gave up her passion for fitness at that point. At that point she began really struggling to lose weight. 

“When I was competing, my life was all about the gym and I never ate out. I had no real balance though; it was actually kind of boring. My friends hated me because I refused to go out to bars or restaurants. I just knew that kind of lifestyle wouldn’t be sustainable with kids. And then I got pregnant. I gained a total of 50 lbs.”

Margot opened up to me about something that was quite personal to her. She explained that she had no other option than to have a C-section due to her little girl being breach. She sighed, “It was tough!”. Margo further explained despite her having the insight of a former fitness competitor, she felt lost as she watched her body drastically change during this time. 

 “I figured I’d never wear a bikini again. I was scared to do crunches again and in fact, I didn’t do any ab-related or running/jogging until I was 6 months postpartum. Plus I don’t think I ran until closer to 9-10 months postpartum.” 

While my heart sank to hear the story of Margot’s personal struggles, I was flattered to learn that Margot began following me on social media during this time. This was a time that I was going through my own postpartum journey.

This quote from Margot was too good for me to pass up! This is exactly why I do what I do! 🙂

“By this point, I had been following Nathalia. Now she and I had our first babies at the same time.  She posted some pretty “real” pictures on Instagram. And I was like – wait a minute. She didn’t just bounce back.  When she got pregnant again and I was like – wait – I got to see this! 

And so I followed her journey.  At the same time, I was pregnant with my second. About a month or so before I gave birth, Nathalia launched the MSL. I was like one of the first ones to sign up!  I figured I wanted to commit to something and if I lost the money – oh well! Finally I was ready to give myself a chance! 

I got the program and looked at it and she had people starting as soon as they left the hospital! Mind you this was my second c-section. I was like – this chick is cray cray – CAPITAL C!” 

Were you struggling to lose weight before the MSL?

Margot explained that her biggest concern was finding a safe exercise routine after having not one, but two C-sections back to back in a short amount of time. She goes on to explain that she was able to immediately implement the workouts in the MSL while adding additional steps as she grew more confident in her body’s recovery.  

“I left the hospital and maybe 2 weeks later I looked at the program and it was all very gentle.  So I tried it! And I never stopped! Every day I just tried to do the gentle exercises, then I started to add the steps. And to be honest, I was running on the treadmill by 4 months postpartum. In fact, I ran a 10-miler at 9 months postpartum and it was the fastest long run I had ever done!”  

What made you decide that you needed to make a change?

Margot explained that more than anything, she wanted things to be different after the birth of her second baby. She wanted to feel more prepared and she wanted to be proactive in taking back her healthy lifestyle. 

“I wanted to tell my body what I could do rather than sit around to see if my body told me it felt ready. But that doesn’t mean I pushed my body beyond what it could do. I just mentally told myself to walk. Rather than just turn the TV on and expect that I would willingly want to go walk. I wanted to be proactive rather than reactive.”  

What made you the happiest about the MSL?

Margot described her favorite part of the program is the simplicity and accountability. She stated that she loves that it is clearly written/planned out and there are no guessing games. Margo told me that she really appreciated me being there to hold her accountable without making her feel like I was on her case constantly. 

“Nathalia tells us that’s it’s okay to be forgiving and not every BODY is the same.  Her big thing is don’t compare your “before” to someone else’s “after.”  And this is so true! I’m not perfect and it’s okay!” 

How do you feel the methods taught in the Mother Strong League differ from other fitness programs?

Margot was ecstatic about finding a program that is created about around proven research and allows participants to start immediately. She further explained that she did not like the feeling of not doing any type of prep work for several weeks then beating herself up when the time came to be released to physical activity. 

“I like that it starts right out of the hospital!  I’ve never seen a program like this.  Clearly – don’t do anything your doctor says not to.  But her exercises are like – breathing. I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous – but it worked and it helps!  If your doctor tells you not to breath – fire them ASAP!

Also, Nathalia backs her stuff up with research and she reaches out to experts.  She’s not just willy nilly telling you to do stuff.”

What have you been able to achieve with the Mother Strong League?

This is my favorite part ladies!! Margot was gushing as she explained how much happier she is with her appearance and her health after the birth of her second child vs. where she was after the birth of her first child. 

“Confidence! I have gained so much confidence! Seriously, I’m not perfect but within a year of my second daughter’s birth, I have lost the 50 lbs I gained with her and then some!” 

What about the Mother Strong League has surprised you the most?

Once again, Margot raved about simplicity and accountability! And I am so grateful that she helps me dispel that old-age myth of needing a gym membership to see results!

“How simple it is!  And also Natalia’s accessibility. The lady doesn’t sleep! She’s always ready to answer your questions. In fact, she has the patience of a saint! The girls ask the same question every week and Nathalia answers it every time with tons of grace!  

Oh and one more thing – I always thought you needed a gym. But with Nathalia’s program, her home workouts are just as effective as her gym workouts. Yikes!”  

How is the Mother Strong League helping you now during the pandemic and with some gyms still being closed?

My girl continues on with her praise of never needing another gym membership again, all while showing our Facebook community a little love!

“At home workouts are great!!!  And they are simple.  Also, the MSL Facebook group is amazing!  Always helping with support, exercises, recipes, anything, and everything!” 

What has been your biggest win you wouldn’t have been able to do without the Mother Strong League?

You could hear the excitement in her tone as she answered these questions, and she has every reason to be proud of her amazing progress! 

“Losing 50lbs after a C-section with baby #2. And I achieved all this within 6-8 months! Even better, I didn’t have to starve myself!  In fact, I was able to breastfeed and still lose tons of weight!” 

What would you tell anyone who is on the fence about joining the Mother Strong League, but is scared of the investment?

You guys get ready because this mama is blunt! And I absolutely love it!!

“You will spend $40 on coffee in a week. Spend that money on a program that you will be able to use to change your body and your mindset.  It’s not going to break the bank!  And at the end of the day, it is about finding “me time.”  

The 30-45 minutes you take a day or a few times a week is worth it.  So many moms struggle with finding something they love to do outside of being a Mom. I found that forcing myself to reclaim MY TIME  has helped me not only be a better mom, but it also ignited a passion to start a different hobby!”  

So there you have it. Meaningful insights with Margot was exactly that! I love a good heartfelt interview and I love it, even more, when it inspires others to make the changes that they been eager to make! Especially when it comes to mama’s struggling to lose weight and feel the self-confidence they deserve! I am so grateful for the many women like Margot that trust me in guiding them through their fitness journey. It truly is my passion to motivate others to invest in themselves so that they are no longer pouring from an empty cup.

Ready to be the next success story?

Just like Margot, I want your cup to run over with an abundance of self-love and confidence! If this interview has tugged on your heart in the slightest I want to encourage you to continue following me for additional tips and resources, and please know that the Mother Strong League is here for you as well! 

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight just as Margot was… then I want to invite you to learn more about the MSL. As always, I offer a money-back guarantee but I’m so confident this program will change your life, that I’m sure you won’t even need it.

Come join the Mother Strong League today, I can’t wait to have you! Click HERE to join.

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