Four Pillars for Your Fitness Success

In this post I am going be defining the 4 pillars for your fitness success. We’ll be covering practical steps that you can take today to fall back in love with yourself and your workout. 

The Truth Behind Why You are Struggling and Practical Steps You Can Take to Love Yourself Fiercely!

Ladies we’re going to get real today! Yes, we’ll take some time to discuss the four basic pillars of fitness success. However, I am most excited to point out the truth behind the struggle with each of these! My mission today is to help you identify your area of weaknesses and strengths so that you have the tools to strategize and work to implement more positive habits into your daily life!

Okay, roll call ladies! Are you in? Let’s get it!

The 4 Pillars for Your Fitness Success

If you are ready to take this information to love yourself and those around you fiercely! Here’s what I need from you:

  • Rather than getting defensive and making excuses, let’s take this time to be open-minded and really dig into the bigger problems. Remember I am on your team! We’re in this together! But “we” can’t be just me. I need you to stay committed to doing the work. No matter how messy this may get!  
  • Be prepared to take this information and spread the love! I want you to build yourself up and all the lovely ladies you hold dear to your heart! Share this blog! Screenshot your favorite part and send it to your girlfriends! And always feel free to send your loved ones my way for more guidance. I promise to take good care of you and them! But most importantly, I want you to be kind to the mama in the mirror today!

Let’s Talk Nutrition!

If you ladies have been following me long you know I’m open about my childhood memories of my own mom always being on a diet. If there was a new fad to follow, she was willing to try it. I watched her commit to these restrictions time and time again only to gain the weight back and to start the vicious diet cycle all over. This is a heartbreaking cycle that women all over the world constantly put themselves through! Loving your body means identifying what it needs to run at its best.

  • That means fueling it with nutrient-dense foods!
  • Veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein are all great examples.
  • “Nutrient-dense” simply means you want to get the most bang for your buck in terms of nutrients vs. calorie ratios.
  • Pay attention to the nutrition labels rather than simply buying into the advertisements.

Let’s be honest, we as women have a pattern of overcomplicating and getting caught up in the perfectionist trap. We overanalyze the situation, so in return, we overwhelm ourselves and we become paralyzed with fear. Are you OVER it? Let’s take control of that fear and work to lighten your mental load!

Here’s what I want you to focus on: keeping it simple!
  • Can you identify lean meat? From there can you pair it with a fresh veggie?
  • Can you pay attention to your portions, especially when eating foods that are high in calories?
  • Can you prepare a few meals in advance, based on these simple rules?
  • How about listening to true hunger cues and eating slowly?
  • Why not actually take the time to enjoy your yummy food?

Well, guess what? You just crushed your first obstacle! Look, I know nutrition can sometimes seem very intimidating but in those moments that you are unsure I want you to resort back to the basics and keep it SIMPLE!

Let’s Talk Exercise!

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that more calories burned equal weight loss(aka calorie deficit). But I am aware that it is incredibly easy to lose motivation once the goal seems so far out of reach. A daily routine is key to remaining physically active. Moving and strengthening your body regularly is a big component of the weight loss journey. These are all things I’m sure you are aware of by now.

But let me speak the truth into this matter! Often women are so caught up comparing themselves to the world around them, and even the former versions of themselves, that they simply give up before ever meeting their full potential. Here’s the deal, you can’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 35 and remain motivated! Rather than feeding into those negative thoughts, what if we focused on the amazing abilities that our bodies are capable of? And we applauded them for that? Give your body gratitude then work to better your exercise practice one building block at a time.

So here’s your assignment: identify what time of day is best for your energy level/schedule, how long you may have to work out during that time, what level of intensity you are at with your current exercise practice, and finally, I want you to resort to gratitude and love for your body rather than comparison!

Let’s Talk Stress!

It is inevitable, right? We all have different stressors in life. While some stressors outweigh others one thing is for certain, long-term stress can have a severe impact on your health.

  • Do you find yourself struggling with high blood pressure, digestive problems, unexplained weight gain, anxiety, depression, and/or issues with focus and memory? Seriously I know that sounded like a medical commercial, but guess what?
  • These are all possible side effects of being exposed to high levels of cortisol and other stress hormones for a long period of time. Wait, what? Yes, girl!
  • Your body will seriously begin to manifest physical symptoms from all of the mental weight that you have been carrying! We too often try to separate our physical and emotional states.
  • We have to acknowledge that one can greatly impact the other if we have any hope of living a balanced life! Stress management is just as important to your well-being and exercise and nutrition. And just like the first two pillars of fitness, stress management requires intentional steps and a little soul searching. 

Action Steps for Fitness Success

Focus on getting still and quiet. You can’t manage anything if the noise in your head is so loud that you can’t identify the root of your stressors. I don’t care if you wake up early to fit in time to yourself, if it is just five minutes locked in your closet or car alone, or if you happen to be the luckiest girl in the world and you actually manage to get some time in the bathroom by yourself! The truth is this will look different for everyone.

What matters is that you are intentional, and do this regularly! This is what real self-care looks like mama! I want you to be brutally honest with yourself and work on identifying if there are any unnecessary stressors in your life. If so, what are the sources of those stressors? Are your own unrealistic expectations killing your soul? Then admit it! Do you fear that someone will judge you for not being on your A-game at all times? Say it out loud! Have you over-committed to things and now your schedule is causing you to lose your mind? Own it!

The first step to working on the problem is acknowledging it! Now in terms of coping mechanisms, while we are on this journey of working through our triggers, this too may look different for everyone.

  • Some people simply need to vent to others or even laugh things off in the heat of the moment. If this is you, you may cherish talk therapy or you may find it incredibly helpful to phone a friend.
  • Some people feel the need to get out and have a good time while others prefer to stay in and binge-watch Netflix.
  • Some may need to focus on meditating while others need a stress outlet such as exercise.

I know this step could definitely hit a few nerves for you ladies, but I promise in due time, you will gain both mental and physical energy from diving into these issues and taking control of your life stressors!     

Let’s Talk Sleep!

I know, I know. Now you think I’m just lecturing you. But most women are so busy running around like machines that we don’t truly accept the impacts of our poor shut-eye habits. Well, guess what even machines can’t run solely off of coffee ladies!

  • Mood swings, irritability, fatigue. Any of those symptoms sound familiar?
  • And just like people often emotionally eat due to stress triggers, it is also easy to overcompensate with food while trying to fill the void of sleep in your life. Remember all that love I asked you to pour into your body when we were discussing exercise? Yep, I need you to sprinkle some of that in this area of your life as well!
  • Sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle! So I need you to identify where you may be self-sabotaging your ability to catch those Z’s!
  • Is your I-Phone in your bed more than your spouse?
  • Do you go straight from watching TV to tossing and turning all night? How is your nutrition?
  • Are you chugging coffee during all hours of the day? Are you attempting to stay on some type of daily schedule? These are all legitimate questions that we must all ask ourselves before assuming we just suck at getting a good night’s rest. 

Let’s Talk it Out!

Okay, I know I’ve asked you to do a ton of soul searching and I’ve probably stepped on all of your toes by now. But I hope you know this was simply because of the love that I have for empowering women. Yes, it is often tough love, but LOVE no doubt! This is why I have made a HUGE component of all my programs to have access to a community of like-minded people so you can share your struggles as well as your wins.

The Mother Strong League is no different, and the support offered in our group is something the ladies who join the transformation always mention as what held them accountable. Click HERE to join!

 I’m here for you mamas! Let’s conquer our goals together! 

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