Why Am I Not Seeing Fitness Results? 7 Real Reasons Why!

In this post we’re going to be talking about fitness results and more importantly, why you’re not seeing them. So if you’ve asked the question – why am I not seeing fitness results? Then this post has the answer you need. 

Why am I not seeing Fitness Results?

Getting To The Core of Your Fitness Failures and Helping You Get Back On Your Feet!

I know, I know it is beyond frustrating to pour yourself into something and not see the results you were hoping for. I see you beating yourself up constantly. And I see you want to give up on your fitness journey because nothing seems to work for you. Mama, I need you to know that SEE YOU and that you are not only capable of this… but, you can actually TOTALLY crush the hairy, big fitness goals you have for yourself!

That little voice in your head might be telling you that “there’s no way because you are now a mom”, but I am here to not only tell you but SHOW YOU that getting there is completely possible. Ready to stop asking the question, “Why am I not seeing fitness results?!”

Ready to get the fitness results you’ve been dreaming of?!  

I know that it is doable because I have helped so many women pick themselves up from this very same point of frustration, and I would love to help you as well! You may have lost hope along the way or even consumed some misguided information, but I am here to help guide you in the right direction and to lend you a helping hand as you get back on your feet!

As a trainer for over 10 years, I have seen a lot of women with so much potential give up because they were making some silly mistakes that can be super easy to fix.

So, I have compiled a list of the 7 Reasons Why you are not seeing results from your fitness and nutrition regimen and what to do instead.

Here they are:

1. Unrealistic expectations/goals

You Don’t Have To Go Big or Go Home!

Yep, I said it. Often we set goals that are so far fetched that we honestly ARE setting ourselves up for failure. We are so consumed with seeing where the world around us stands, that we can’t be proud of our own accomplishments. So we set these crazy lofty goals and beat ourselves up when we don’t meet them. 

You rock that accomplishment!

If you lose 5 lbs, it is an accomplishment! I don’t care if Karen lost 10 lbs. 

Have you seen what 5 lbs of fat looks like?!? 

If you are feeling stronger in your weekly workouts…say it is with me…


A Microwave Mentality Won’t Get You There!

We live in a culture full of quick fixes and our love for instant gratification is ridiculously unrealistic. Do I have any Dave Ramsey fans in the house? His famous quote, “Crockpot mentality always defeats microwave mentality!”, stands true for your fitness success as well! I’m not talking about meal prepping here guys. I’m pointing out that if you are serious about your health and you want to achieve your fitness goals, you have to be willing to invest time and put some skin in the game rather than expecting overnight results. 

2. Eating too much ‘healthy food’

This one can be tricky for some, but let’s break it down together! 

If your ultimate goal is fat loss, you need to be in a calorie deficit. Your focus should then be to consume fewer calories than you are burning throughout the day. I know this sounds simple, but a common mistake I often see is that people are eating a large amount of so-called “healthy food” because they are under the impression that because they are healthy they are also ‘calorie-free’ or “low-calorie”- which you would be surprised to know how many calories some healthy food items actually have.

In return, people tend to be counterproductive in their goal of becoming calorie deficit. Rather than consuming fewer calories, they often overeat due to following the belief that because it is “healthy” portion control doesn’t matter. Instead, I would advise that you pay close attention to the nutrition label. 

3. You’ve been dieting for too long

“Wait, what?” Just follow me here, I’ll explain!

If your goal is to look more toned you will need to focus on building muscle all while keeping your body fat percentage low. Here is where the problem arises, women are often guilty of remaining in a HUGE caloric deficit for far too long. Because of this, they tend to have less energy.

Guess what is incredibly hard to do if you have less energy? You nailed it! Pushing yourself to new levels in your workouts.

Guess what you have to do to get toned(aka build muscle)? There ya go! Push yourself to new levels in your workouts and for that you need fuel! Muscles don’t grow on trees ladies, and your body can’t run on fumes. If you want to build it, you have to fuel it properly! 

4. You always have an excuse

Ouch, my toes!

Hey, we all need that one friend that will be brutally honest with us because she wants what is best for us, right? I’m your girl! I’m not here to call you out because I want you to feel ashamed or beat yourself up. Instead, I’m bringing this up because sometimes we are our own worst enemy. And there are times that we are literally the only thing standing between us and success.

I believe this is because deep down we all find success a little scary. We know it may be easier to become frustrated and just give up rather than really putting ourselves out there and taking a chance to be successful in our goals. I want more for you! But you have to want it too!  

This only works if you create a habit of investing in yourself!

I get it! Life can get crazy and sometimes we feel as if we are hanging on by a thread! The demands of fulfilling so many roles..spouse…mom..employee..business owner..sister…friend. Ughhh my head is spinning just thinking about it! 

Women often feel as if there is no time to invest in themselves AND juggle all “the things” that life throws at us. But here’s the harsh reality. If you don’t commit to yourself, it is inevitable that you will eventually let everyone down around you! Let that sink in! You can’t juggle all “the things” if you are face planted into the ground! I need you to recognize the importance of making yourself a priority! You are a badass, and you were built for success, but you MUST check yourself and be honest with how much you are pouring into your own cup! Daily routines mama! Put investing in yourself on that do-list today! 

5. Lack of consistency

Remember when I said you don’t always have to go big or go home?

The key to true success in your fitness journey is showing up! You must be consistent! Maybe it’s the mom in me, but who remembers the precious children’s book The Hare & the Tortoise? I hope you see where I’m going with this. You don’t have to be a rockstar every flipping day, but you do have to try! You HAVE to show up consistently! Let me be blunt, it’s better to have completed five average workouts throughout the week than to have grilled yourself with just one killer workout and never show up again!  

6. Not changing your plan often enough (plateau!) OR changing it too often

Again, this is another tricky one but I’m here right to guide you! 

Often people gear from one extreme to the other in their workout routines. They change their routine at a rapid pace so they never give their body time to progress. On the other hand, others may find themselves stuck in a rut and plateauing due to a lack of variety in their fitness routine. The key is to add variety to your workouts without constantly abandoning the foundation of your workout routine. 

7. You’re not programming your workouts correctly

Just like all other aspects of our bodies, there is a science behind it! 

What if I told you that there are certain movements and routines that are proven to give you better results? It’s true! Some exercises simply burn more calories than others. Progressive overload, the correct order of exercise, and the routine itself are incredibly important to keep in mind when developing a program so you can get the best results. You want to be certain that you are taking full advantage of all exercises you are doing in order for your workout routine to meet its fullest potential. 

Tag Me In, If You Need Me!

As I told you before, I’m here to guide you in the right direction! I’m here if you need a helping hand in getting back on your feet and rocking those fitness goals! And if you are feeling overwhelmed, I’m here for you, you can send me a DM on Instagram If you don’t know how to get started on effective programming, I want you to check out the Mother Strong League,  where I simplify the journey for you by giving you tried and tested fitness routines and help you clarify confusing aspects of your Nutrition like how much and how often you should be eating. This program has helped nearly 2000 women get results and keep them! Annndddd I’ll do you one better! Click HERE to join.

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