5 Tips to Master Your Mindset So You Can Get Maximum Results

In this blog post, I’m helping you with 5 steps to master your mindset. This will help you achieve the results you want in all aspects of your life. With these 5 steps to master your mindset, you’ll be hitting all of your goals wayyyyy before this year ends. Trust me. And if you need an extra kick in the butt, then come join the LAST 5 Week Super Shred Challenge of the year!

Master your Mindset

When you’re looking to achieve any results in life, you need to consider the many layers of steps, before even taking the first step in a plan of action. Things aren’t as simple as ‘coming up with an idea we want to achieve and achieving it.’ There are a lot of steps in between. Before any of this can happen though, we need to master our mindset. Our mindset has to be aligned with where this journey will take us.

So how do you go about achieving the mindset that is required in order to be truly successful? Well, this may not seem as easy as thinking you’re motivated. What happens when the motivation may waiver? Or a curveball gets thrown into the mix and your plan takes a detour? These are all potential factors that could lead to ultimate failure. If your head is on straight, however, these variables will not cause such a response, in fact, it will probably create a resilience that will allow for your ultimate end game to truly be sustainable, but most importantly stand the test of time. 

Ok so here’s how to go about creating a sound mentality that rides the waves and makes you that much stronger from the inside out…

1. Learn how to adopt a positive mindset. 

Now, this is one that gets thrown around a little too easily and is not truly implemented in all areas of your life. Why? Because it is HARD. To stay positive all day every day is impossible. We have emotions and we need to accept and feel those emotions. What we can do is once we’re done with whatever reaction we’re experiencing or feelings we have at this time, think about it for a moment and try to find one positive outcome from it. 

For example, as a mom, we always get surprise schedule changes, whether it be a sick child or a snow day! And for a good majority, those instances can completely take us off our routine and make us feel anxious and not knowing how to go about reaching our goals. This is where we need to stop, accept that yes, we may have a little nervous energy (or full-blown anxiety), accept it for what it is, and realize it’s only temporary. One day, keep in perspective, one day, will not cause a complete derailment from achieving what we’ve set out to do. 

2. Practice the Pause

 I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. BUT, in order to achieve #1, we need to “PRACTICE THE PAUSE.” Go ahead, everyone, roll your eyes please. However, if you are rolling your eyes, it means you still don’t believe in the concept of, which means you’re still struggling to achieve. I think what we’re all failing to realize is there are very specific reasons you continually struggle, you’re still getting in your own way. YOU are your own worst enemy!

It is not easy accepting your faults and flaws. It is not easy acknowledging that you personally need true internal work because it makes us vulnerable. And one of those flaws we can all easily possess is impatience. This leads me to number 3…

3. Understanding that patience is truly a virtue

Anything worth having and that will stand the test of time requires patience and effort (#4). Patience is HARD, and that goes hand in hand with anything worth having won’t come easily. When we are working on creating the mindset needed to achieve, we understand, it will take time, it will take work, and it will require understanding what patience truly is. 

Understand PATIENCE… 


Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

“Waiting calmly in the face of frustration or adversity.”

Reacting so quickly and getting angry that you’re not seeing results or feeling better within a day’s time of doing the “work” is what can cause the defeatist mentality, will only result in failure of this one plan you’ve chosen to try out of the many you’ve already tried. Being impatient will only lead to highs and lows, and ultimate resentment and placing blame on others rather than seeing the fault within ourselves. 

4. Put in the work

When adjusting your mentality, you are required to put in some serious work. This work includes facing yourself more than anything else. Changing a mindset that you’ve held onto for so long, that you’ve prided yourself on achieving and using it as your excuse as to why you are the way you are is ROUGH. It can easily make you feel overwhelmed and sad. It can create a TEMPORARY depression, and I say temporary because we are here to work through these phases to accomplish so much more. That needs to be the focus! Appreciate you have taken your reading this far. Accept you have work to do and embrace the moments of the challenge for what they are doing for you; they are making you stronger, overall stronger. When we become stronger mentally, our physical bodies will absolutely follow. Let’s not forget, strong is the new sexy! 

5 – Self-realization 

What we first must do is realize, we are all imperfectly perfect. We all have areas that we need to improve within ourselves. Understanding that is a huge improvement in mentality first and foremost! When we accept who we are as an individual on the path to evolving into a better person, our mindset has already changed. It’s when we get stuck in the “this is who I am” mentality, that we will forever live a life of inadequacy and deficiency, always looking for something better or what’s next or placing blame elsewhere.  

Now just to be clear, wanting better or more isn’t a bad thing. It only becomes a bad thing when we never fully put the work into what we wanted initially. We only stopped trying because it got too hard, so we tried looking elsewhere or for a quick fix instead of focusing on ourselves and why we continue to give up on each plan we choose at any given time. All steps to a stronger you. Mastering a mindset of true appreciation and abundance comes from internally growing and learning every day all day. The mindset of growth is the ultimate goal and that is ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever creating! That is the realization we all need to accept. Acceptance and growth! 

Perfectly imperfect, always striving to be a better self! Top-down, inside out…

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