15 Minute High Intensity Workout

15 Minute Full Body Intensity Workout

Let’s blast that fat with this 15 minute, high intensity workout! 

Get a peek inside the Mother Strong League with this full body, high intensity workout that I want to share with you this week! I want to show you the kind of things you can see inside the program, from recipes to workouts to lifelong support, you’ll find it all there. 

Here’s a full body, high intensity workout that you can do from home today! 

????????Grab your weights and your bands and let’s get to it!! ????????

Here’s a rundown of the workout for you to refer back to when you’re on the go! 

You’re going to want to grab your bands and weights before getting started. Ready? Here we go! 

15 Minute Fat Blasting, Stomach Sculpting Workout

15 Kneeling resistance band chest presses 

Attach your resistance bands to something sturdy (i.e. a door). I’m going to attach mine to the trampoline because I’ve got kids toys everywhere ????. Now kneel down on a towel or mat and pull the resistance bands forward in a chest press. 

15 Dumbbell shoulder press with lateral high knees (15 each side)

This is a dumbbell should press to high knee. Do 15 with one leg, then switch to do 15 with the other knee. 

15 Resistance Band Dead Lifts

Return to where you attached your resistance bands to do 15 dead lifts, holding the bands. Make sure to keep your back straight! 

15 Mountain Climbers

Using your towel or mat, get down in a plank position and then proceed with doing 15 mountain climbers. (For the low impact version, place your hands on a chair while maintaining a straight back and alternate tapping each foot forward.)

15 Leg Raises

Lying down on your back, raise your legs and hips into the air while keeping your spine straight and your arms down! (For the low impact version, lie on your back and alternate pulling your knees up to your chest and maintain your breathing)

When you are struggling with Diastisis Recti and Pelvic Floor issues (Incontinence, for example) , I highly recommend sticking with the low impact versions of these exercises. 

Repeat for 5 rounds!

This workout is totally home friendly! And it’s going to have you SWEATING by the end of round 1! I know I was… 

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