Finding Life-Long Friendships and Support in the Mother Strong League

How These Women Found Life-Long Friendships & Support in the MSL

In today’s post, I’m talking to you about my supportive workout program for women. That does so much more than just helping you workout. The Mother Strong League is a support group, that just happens to help you with weight loss. But more importantly, are the friends you’ll make along the way. Find out how these women made life-long friends in the MSL (mother strong league). 

Finding Life-Long Friendships Through this Supportive Workout Program for Women

The Mother Strong League is my signature training program designed by a mom (yup that’s me!), for other mommas in all stages of their motherhood. Whether you are living with a 3-year-old, 13 years old, 3 months pregnant, or just trying to get pregnant, the Mother Strong League has a program for you. 

This is more than just a program though.

The Mother Strong League is a seriously strong supportive workout program for women.

My goal is for it to be a community, support system, girl gang for moms who want to be reminded that they aren’t alone in this journey. 

Women who can relate to your daily struggles. That will be there to offer you a virtual shoulder to cry on when the days are tough. Or to give you a virtual push when you feel like giving up… oh… and, we are pretty funny too! =D

We’re not your usual Facebook Group for moms, we’re a judgment FREE Facebook Group for moms ????. It’s definitely the type of place you can say, “Tonight, I fed my kids nuggets and ice cream for dinner…” and the response you’ll get is, “You’re crushing it!” 

When you walk through the virtual doors of this community you are entering an official judgment-free zone.  

Motherhood already comes with a lot of guilt trips. A lot of times when you feel like you are not good enough. There’s NO need to surround yourself with judgmental people… 

We’ve cultivated this environment from a community based on diversity and respect. We’ve built this community of women who are too freaking busy being awesome and working on bettering themselves, to be judgmental of how you’re doing.

But let me tell you…

Something I never expected from the program though was the community and friendships that last well after it’s finished. Every time I ask the women in the Mother Strong League what their favorite part of the program is, they always tell me that one of their favorite parts is actually the other moms!

I LOVE this. It’s amazing to feel the loving support of the community. So today we’re talking about life-long friendships gained from the Mother Strong League.

Join a Supportive Workout Program for Women - A photo of 3 Women Sitting in a gym, smiling and talking

It’s a reminder that I’m not alone…

I want to introduce you to Faith. Faith joined us a few months ago and she’s already a conversation starter in the group. I talked with Faith she told me that what she’s gained from the Facebook group is that she’s not alone in her lifestyle and learning.

Here’s what she had to say about it,

“I can come on here, and ask questions without feeling silly or ashamed. Fitness-wise: we all want to make sure we are doing our best in the proper way and are shown/ guided in the correct direction thanks to the layout set up for us. I am only a few months into the group, but I honestly don’t know how I got through so much of my past fitness journey without it! It’s been very personally rewarding for me.”

I heard the same from Brenna who said,

“Since becoming part of this community, I feel that I am not alone in this journey of reclaiming myself while still growing into an amazing mother.”

Raise your hand if the fitness industry has made you feel excluded, ever since becoming a mom. In my journey from professional athlete to full time mother of two, I’ve noticed more judgement and less support from the same groups that used to cheer me on as an athlete… 

And raise your hand if other groups of moms have made you feel like a BAD mom for scheduling out time for the gym. For giving your kids the Ipad for just an hour so you can get that workout in… for feeding them those nuggets just because today you were BUSY. 

It’s an accountability partner…

Now, raise your hand if you get W-A-Y more stuff done when you’re being held accountable. ????

Gimme a deadline and other amazing women to crush our goals with, and we are unstoppable! Isn’t that right?

And, this is exactly what we cultivate in our community!

Sometimes the girls are lacking some motivation to get moving, because of life and responsibilities (can I get an Amen?)… and, getting a workout in just seems like a faraway dream!

Well… not in the Mother Strong League community! Post about it in the group and instantly get bombarded with messages of encouragement. And they’ll be holding you accountable! You’ll have to post that workout selfie so we all know you got it done! (We gotchu boo!)

And the best part about an accountability partner from the MSL? They’re also a mom! So girl… they get your struggles! They usually have the same ones! This means that instead of having someone who has no idea what you’re going through, telling you to suck it up and workout, you have someone who’s also having to take the time and put in the work, sharing with you how they got it done and reminding you that YOU CAN TOO!

Here’s what Mikayla had to say about it,

“Not only do we cheer on the wins but everyone helps those that are struggling. Whether it be with falling away and having a hard time getting back into things, needing the motivation to get to the gym (like I have in the past) or something happening in life, there’s an amazing group of women here that I’m glad to be apart of.”

And Michelle added to that,

“One of the things I have found most helpful about this group is the accountability factor. Knowing that all the ladies are here every day all going through life and struggles and we all just want to find a way to find that balance and still be fit moms.”

A friend for life…

But really. In REAL LIFE. The babes in our group have started planning meetups to work out together in person. We’ve got women crossing state lines to hang out, meet up and work out together! As an international group, you’ve got a chance to meet up with women from the group, no matter where you live! 

We’re a group of moms from Australia, the Netherlands, the US, Russia, Italy, Ireland, England, and Canada…. Just to name a few.    

I think Ruth said it perfectly,

“This has been an amazing group where we realize we all deal with the same issues but in different seasons or times. There’s so much support in this group and I love that we can hold each other accountable and help one another navigate through this health & fitness journey together!”

Support can truly make or break our journeys as moms. Let’s be honest, we all have A LOT on our plates. And it’s pretty common for us to put, taking care of ourselves on the bottom of our to-do lists. Especially when we’re doing it alone. But thanks to the Mother Strong League, you don’t have to do it on your own. Having a group of women supporting and encouraging you, who are all going through similar things, can make your fitness journey that much easier. 

I never expected the Mother Strong League to do this for my babes. I knew I was creating a training program that would help them look and feel their best. But I wasn’t prepared for this kick-ass group of women to literally become besties! 

Let us hold you accountable for hitting all your fitness and health goals! Let us encourage you to be the healthiest, sexiest you possible!! 

I want to end it all with this quote from my babe Timea,

“It is hard and us mums have a really hectic life. But what does not kill you, only makes you stronger.”

Having a support network helps a ton! And having a supportive workout program for women, changes lives. But it also helps to know that you’re making the right choices for your body. That’s why I want to invite you to join the Mother Strong League today. I’ve slashed the price, making the program more affordable for everyone! Click here to learn more and join.

Finally, make sure you share this post! The women in your life will benefit from this, just as much as you will!

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