Too Little Time or Too Many Excuses?

This blog is going to have some tough love, so…brace yourself! We’re talking about your excuses! And I’m going to make you be really honest with yourself about whether or not you’re just making excuses instead of choices that lead to a better you! 

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. And ultimately, YOU choose what to do with those hours. Nobody can decide that for you.

And before anyone jumps the gun to tell me that sometimes you CAN’T have full control of your life and your day…I GET IT!

As a mom of two small children, I totally understand that some days (or weeks, or months), our focus and priorities might change…but complaining about the circumstances you can’t change is definitely not going to solve the problem either!

The bottom line here is that ultimately 99.9% of the things you have on your calendar are there because you agreed to do them.

Flipping the Script

The other day, I was listening to a podcast by Rachel Hollis, and she said something that made my heart sing. Here’s what she said: “There is nothing wrong with changing your priorities, but then be honest about it. Just flip the script and say: This is the season when I am devoting myself to X, Y, Z.”

The point was about taking ownership, and acknowledging that you’re simply in a different stage of your life. And that’s ok… as long as the arrangement is making you HAPPY! But it’s important to acknowledge those feelings so there’s no resentment or bitterness toward the ones you devote your time to.

The reason for someone’s weight gain, discontentment, or lack of happiness isn’t the fault of their kids, or husband, or parents, or coworkers. YOU, and only you can control how you feel. It’s important to understand that ultimately only you can control the things that make you happy and unhappy.

That’s a huge part of self care…recognizing that YOU have that say. It’s empowering.

Start Taking Control!

My point is that life is about actually taking control of the things you CAN control. And in the case of creating a healthy lifestyle, there are things you can do! For example, wake up a bit earlier to get a quick workout in. Or, if you can’t exercise as much, just be more mindful of the amount you eat and try to make your choices a little healthier. Go for walks instead of sitting down. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Doing these things instead of making excuses will make a big difference in your life! 

These are the things that will get you the healthy lifestyle you’ve been wishing for. These are the things that will make you happy. And they’ll make you feel like you’ve really taken charge of your own life.

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