The Scale Doesn’t Measure Self Worth

Today, I’m chatting with you about something I’ve talked about on Instagram, something that’s really been sticking with me lately. I reread the original post and realized there was SO MUCH I wanted to say about this topic…and I needed a full video to do it! First things first, your scale doesn’t measure your self worth! 

We’re talking about the Scale. It can be either your best friend or dreaded nemesis. That’s what we are going to determine today. And we’re going to talk first about how the scale DOES NOT measure your self worth and value.



A lot of women in my tribe, and women in general, are putting ALL their focus on their appearance. And on changing the number on the scale. We let the scale determine women’s appearances when we really shouldn’t!

For them, everything revolves around the way they look. 

But for me, coming at this from a fitness professional standpoint, and from a standpoint as a mom and a woman…I can tell you this is NOT a healthy way to start changing your life!

In this video, I’m talking about what first triggered me to do the original Instagram post, and this video as well.

Because if you know anything about me, you know I always preach about self-love!

We’ve ALL got insecurities, even me…and I talk about that in this video. But we also have SO MUCH to offer the world. More than we even remember too!

So before you go down this road, I have some things you should think about before you make big changes in your life, to reflect on your happiness.

When you’re done, I want to know what you think! Leave me a comment below to let me know how you feel about this vlog…Did it give you food for thought? Did this touch on something you needed to hear?

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