Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Active Moms

You know those jokes about Mother’s Day where the clueless husband gets his wife something she totally doesn’t need or want? A vacuum when all she wants is a relaxing spa day, or a tacky shirt that’s 3 sizes too big, or, *gasp*, nothing! Well, don’t be one of those moms this Mother’s Day! Speak up and tell your significant other what you’d like to get. Or better yet, forward him this blog, which I’ve packed full of Mother’s Day gift ideas for active moms (whether that’s you or whether you’ve been forwarded this blog by the active mom in your life!)

Workout Clothes

 What fit mama doesn’t love new workout clothes?! They are always a great way to be a bit extra motivated to go to the gym. A fit chick can never have too many leggings nor sports bras… especially considering they double up as everyday going out clothes too.

‘’Going to drop the kids off at school?’’ – Put a pair of leggings on.

‘’Going to the grocery store?’’ – Put a pair of leggings on.

‘’Taking the kids to the park?’’ – Put a pair of leggings on.

You get the picture.

My go-to brand for workout clothes is and has been for over 6 years Better Bodies! LOVE their stuff!

Use promo code- MELO10 for a discount!

A fitness tracker

I use fitness trackers a lot with the girls I coach, not necessarily because I think they are 100% accurate…but, just because I feel like they encourage people to move more. Many include a step tracker, which is a great way to give people a clear picture of how much they are actually moving.  Another amazing thing about fitness trackers is that they come in all prices… you just have to pick one that fits on your budget. Here are the ones the fit moms in my community are loving the most right now:

Fitbit– these come in everything from the very basic no-frills step tracker, the Zip, to the Ionic, a smartwatch. Several styles are also available to fit whatever look you’re going for.

Garmin- Garmin makes several fitness trackers as well, from the Vivofit to the Vivoactive 3 music which has storage space for your tunes and has built in GPS.

Smart watches- if you want to go all out, a smart watch such as the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is a great way to stay fit and lots more.

A set of dumbbells or kettlebells

 For times when she can’t make it to the gym, it makes it easier to improvise a quick home workout when you have a set of dumbbells or kettlebells…or both! They are super versatile and there is a lot that can be done using just them.

My fave are these cute dumbbells HERE and Kettlebell HERE

(Bonus: download my free full body home workout HERE…only requires you to have dumbbells and resistance bands!)

Resistance Bands- Resistance bands are my absolute favorites when it comes to getting a workout done anywhere. They can easily be taken anywhere without having to lug a massive amount of weight around. They are super handy for home workouts, and even to mix things up in the gym.

My favorite bands are these ones here and here.


With the busy day most active moms have, sometimes fitting all their protein needs into the day can be quite a challenge. And, as a fit mom myself, my go-to products to help me with my protein intake as well as get a little boost of energy for my workouts are: Iso100 Protein Powder and PreW.O. pre workout. Both are from Dymatize, and taste amazing!

A subscription box

A subscription box of beauty products and cosmetics is an excellent option for a gift that keeps on giving! My favorite is FitFabFun and they give full size products, which is freaking amazing! You get 8-10 items each month, and, as the name suggests, these range from the fun to the fitness-related to beauty supplies!

Personalized necklace

Listen up, guys… this gift right here is 100% guaranteed to earn you A LOT of brownie points. My absolute favorite is Tiny Tags.  You can personalize them however you want. The one I have, I put on one side my son and daughter’s first letters and on the other side our wedding date. I am telling you guys…this one will grant you MANY Sundays watching football all day with no complaining.

Massage or Spa day gift voucher

 I think this one doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Hahaha. Every mom out there can do with a massage or a kid-free relaxing day in a spa! Put the voucher in a nice heartfelt card, add some flowers or some chocolate, and you have the perfect gift!

A membership to the Mother Strong League

If the fit mom in your life is having a hard time getting in her workout and eating healthily, she will definitely LOVE a membership to the Mother Strong League. The MSL offers gym AND home workouts, and it has an incredibly flexible approach to the nutrition aspect. (Yes, wine and chocolate are allowed!) Plus, she gets the support and motivation of an online community of other fit moms. (We are currently not taking in new people, but in just 2 short weeks we will be accepting new members, so make sure you add your name to the waiting list to surprise the fit mom in your life!)

A bottle of Fit Wine

Yup! You read that correctly! There is a brand that makes fit wines… FitVineWine and, just for the record… I am in no way affiliated with them. (Although, I don’t think I would mind a sponsorship here! Hahaha) They claim to have less sugar and fewer sulfates. I have personally never tried their wines, but have heard great things about them. Probably a great gift for the fit momma in your life.

Ok, so there you have it. Ladies, what are you waiting for! Forward this list to whoever’s going to get you a gift this year. And guys…I’d get to buying if I were you!

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Before you go, are you interested in a little gift for yourself this Mother’s Day? Download one of my free guides that will help kickstart your fitness and health routine. Find your perfect guide here.

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