Mother Strong League Interview with Mikayla Ply

An Interview with one of my babes!

This week I was lucky enough to jump on a call with my Mother Strong League babe, Mikayla Ply. I’m excited to launch into today’s interview. Mikayla is going to be talking to us about the incredible and busy journey as a mom of a one-year-old and a three-year-old, while her husband is deployed! You could say she’s busy for sure! 

Read on for more from Mikayla’s interview or click to watch the video!!

Mikayla’s Interview

Through the Mother Strong League, she’s been able to stay fit (and sane), even with her busy schedule! In this interview, she’s walking us through what made her decide to join the program. Plus, what was holding her back at first. As well as what she loves about the program and what she’d tell to someone who was still on the fence about it. 

Let me introduce to Mikayla first!! She’s been in the Mother Strong League for about 6-7 months now. She’s going to be turning 26 this year and she’s a mother of two busy little people! Top it all off with her husband being deployed overseas! Luckily he’ll be home in December. (I feel another interview coming with his perspective of how Mikayla’s energy, mood, and overall happiness have changed since starting the program!)

I asked Mikayla what she was most nervous about when it came to joining the Mother Strong League. She said, ‘When I first joined the program I was nervous that it was going to be one of those fad diets. But I was so wrong. Incredibly wrong ????.’

Mikayla went on to tell me that what pushed her to actually join the program was the progress photos. She could tell that the results were real and that the women were happy with the progress they were making.

I loved that she admits that it wasn’t going to be easy! But even though she was still breastfeeding, taking care of her two-year-old and was going to have to get some help from family to watch the kids so she could make time for the gym and the program, she was ready to start! 

She was so excited that the League introduced her to Macros but ALSO explained to her exactly how they work, what to look for and more. It reminded her that she could still eat whatever she wanted. Watching her macros instead of cutting all of her favorite foods out of her diet! ????????

Mikayla told me that when she was doing the same exercises over and over again, her body would do really well until she would get to a point where she would flatline. She’d no longer see improvements and she was getting bored with the routine. 

What she loved about the Mother Strong League was that there were different exercises for each phase of the program. Because of this, she’s actually seeing the results. She’s seeing her body change and get stronger and her husband’s commented that her booty is looking G-O-O-D! 

When I asked her about her results, she said that the biggest result she’s noticed is that she’s fitting into her clothes. She feels confident and comfortable in her clothes and she never has to worry that she might be ‘’spilling out’’. 

You have to watch the video to see the joy and confidence when she talks about being able to fit comfortably in her jeans. Comfortable enough to wear them all day! And my heart burst when she told me she feels confident in her own skin. That’s how I want all my babes to feel when they start going through my programs! 

I love doing these interviews! I’m reminded of things within the program that I often forget because it’s so normal for me now. But one thing that Mikalya brought up was that she used to be so afraid to get on the scale, and she was very nervous when I told her about the weekly check-ins. But then she learned that she has to do her measurements and take photos as well, so it reminded her that there was so much more to the program and to her journey. It wasn’t solely focused around that number of the scale and she no longer feels afraid to see what that little number is. She can look back at the photos and actually see the progress. She even shares the photos with her husband!! How cute is that?!

Then I asked Mikalya about her favorite part of the Mother Strong League. I asked her if she had to choose one thing to tell a friend about the program, what would it be? And she responded that her favorite thing was my mentorship (I swear I’m not making this up!! Hear for yourself at 12:07, I promise!!). She said that since I was so active in the group, answering emails and questions as well as responding to messages and doing live Q&A’s, that was unlike any other program that she has been a part of. 

Finally, I asked Mikayla for her advice for people who weren’t ready to invest in the program. I wanted to know what she’d say to someone who said, ‘Ya that’s great but I can’t afford it…’ and I loved the response she gave! 

Mikalya said that the budgeter in her would tell them that when they sit down to evaluate all their expenses. She said, ‘there are always a few things you could pull money from and when you sit down and find those things, invest in the Mother Strong League.’. Then she said, ‘I know it sounds cliche but this program has actually changed my life. It’s changed the way I react to food and my ability to actually get into the gym. It’s just great.’

She continued by saying (and I quote because I LOVE this) ‘If I’m talking to someone who is afraid they aren’t confident enough to do this, I can say with all certainty that you will gain the confidence. and then she gave me goosebumps when she said, ‘I wasn’t scared to put on a bathing suit this year and I’ve had two kids.’ I cannot tell you how proud I am to hear her say this. You have to watch the full interview to see the pure joy in her face when these words leave her mouth! 

And guess what you guys! That’s seriously just the beginning. This video is full of so much real, raw information. It’s an amazing reminder that you all only have 24 hours in a day. Which means you are going to have to make time for this. But you’ll make the time! And you’ll be constantly reminded from other women in the group that 4 am wake ups and 12am workouts are a part of motherhood! 

Keep an eye out for when we get her husband on for the next interview! (We just have not asked him yet! LOL) 

Are you ready to start your journey?  We’d love to have you inside the program! Click HERE to learn more and join.

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