How this Busy Mom Lost 8lbs of Fat and 10 inches in 5 Weeks

In this post, I’m sharing the inspiring story of how this busy mom could lose weight and keep it off. I’ve been working with moms for a LONG time now and if there’s one thing I’ve been able to take away from my career it’s that women and mothers especially are capable of amazing things! But we also spend way too much time telling ourselves that we’re not capable of these things… So today, instead of thinking you can’t have a transformation like this, remember that you CAN. And you’re transformation could be the next one we share here at Nathalia Melo Fit. 

As moms, we know that means putting your family first. Unfortunately, that also usually means your health and fitness goals come last. The world today is stressed, busy, and overscheduled. Moms are on the front lines handling it all. The kids, the house, the pets, the hubby, and the schedule.

We’re not intentionally trying to neglect ourselves. It happens slowly, over time. We’re so focused on everyone else’s needs that we end up forgetting our own. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. A mom doesn’t take the time to prioritize her health and the next thing she knows she doesn’t recognize herself in the mirror.

That ends HERE!

Read today’s inspiring story of how this busy mom could lose weight and IS able to keep it off. Even when she thought the odds were stacked against her.

How this Busy Mom Could Lose Weight (and keep it off!)

Renee is a recent participant in my 5-Week Super Shred Challenge.

She’s a mom, just like you. And she is doing it all. She has a husband, a 15-year-old daughter with special needs, and a house full of fur babies. In addition to managing her busy household, she also has a demanding job as a hospital-based speech-language pathologist. As you can imagine, working in a hospital during COVID presented a whole new set of challenges and stress.

Like many moms, her health was put on the back burner.

Renee with her husband and daughter at her wedding

For Renee, working out wasn’t a foreign concept. She sadly became a widow 11 years ago. At the height of her grief and transition to becoming a single mom, she relied on working out as her “therapy.” Renee knew firsthand how focusing on fitness can improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

When I asked Renee how the 5-Week Super Shred Challenge impacted her she mentioned she had to overcome some roadblocks both physically and mentally. At 44, Renee was struggling with low testosterone. This hormonal imbalance contributed greatly to her overall lack of energy and motivation.

How this busy mom could lose weight and keep it off!

After seeing a doctor regulate her hormones, she was ready to take the first step. One of the things that attracted Renee to the 5 Week Super Shred Challenge was its simplicity. She said, what she loved most about the challenge, was “It was challenging, but not overwhelming. Everything was laid out for all 5 weeks and I just had to take it one day at a time. It really helped with some of the mental roadblocks I was dealing with.”

Renee's journey as a busy mom trying to lose weight

In a short five weeks, Renee was able to lose 8 pounds and 10 inches overall.

She also said “I have more energy, more strength, and significantly fewer cravings. My clothes fit better and I feel more confident.”

As with many moms who commit to the challenge, Renee was shocked that she was able to see those results without doing constant cardio and feeling hungry all the time.

Stories like Renee’s are the reason I do what I do. I love seeing moms transform from overworked and stressed out to feeling confident and motivated.

Just like in Renee’s case, taking that first step allowed her to see what she was really capable of. Many times, women are so entrenched in mom-mode they forget what amazing things they can do. My programs are designed to remind women they can be supermom while also feeling confident, energetic and fit. It’s designed to help busy moms lose weight and keep it off! 

Renee's cute family in front of a fountain

If you can identify with Renee’s story, then you know firsthand how defeating and discouraging feeling unfit and unhealthy can be.

Taking the first step and creating new habits is the hardest part. That’s where I come in. My 5-Week Super Shred Challenge has everything you need to get started. I have your meal plans and workouts covered. All you need to do is show up and commit to the process. As a fitness coach, I’ve helped hundreds of moms level up their fitness and improve their health and self-image. 

I’ll help you overcome what’s holding you back from starting and from making progress. Before starting the 5-Week Super Shred Challenge, Renee said “I struggled with motivation, had low energy, and ate like crap. I was always craving sweets. I was putting up a lot of mental roadblocks to getting into shape.” 

Busy Mom Lose Weight story of Renee and her journey

We all have roadblocks

They start as little excuses, small and subtle. For instance, the classic,  “I’ll start tomorrow.” It seems harmless enough, you’re just giving yourself another day to get prepared to make changes, right? But these little excuses can become major obstacles.

Next thing you know, starting “tomorrow” was two years and twenty pounds ago. What narrative are you allowing to play over and over in your head that’s keeping you stuck? It might be time to take a really honest look at what’s holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. 

If you’re ready to make your personal health and fitness a priority, I’m here to help. So many times I hear moms say they can’t prioritize their health and fitness because they’re too busy or it’s too expensive. You’re going to be busy anyway, you might as well be busy setting a great example for your family and feeling good about yourself.

The funny thing about being “too busy” is that exercise and healthy eating will give you the energy boost you need to tackle your crazy life and hectic schedule. Investing in yourself does take time and costs money, that’s true. But here’s something to consider, what’s the cost of not making yourself and your health a priority? 

For Renee, my 5-Week Super Shred Challenge was just the solution she needed to get rid of her excuses and overcome her mental obstacles. Digging deep, both mentally and physically, is exactly how she achieved such amazing results. 

Renee: A busy mom that could lose weight and keep it off!

About the Challenge

When I created this challenge, I did it with moms just like you, in mind. I know what it’s like to be a busy mom wanting to lose weight. And I know moms are capable of doing BIG things. But I also know that moms are frequently maxed out. I wanted to make it a no-brainer. Just show up. It’s all ready for you, workouts, meal plans, and accountability.

Once you start prioritizing your health, you’ll notice improvements in more areas than just fitness. You’ll likely have more energy, sleep better and just be in a better mood in general. The more positive changes you see, the more motivated you’ll be to keep going. It’s going to be a win-win for you, I promise.

Moms putting in the work to achieve results they didn’t think were possible, give me the motivation to keep pushing toward my own goals. Watching our tribe accomplish hard things is beyond motivating. 

When you join the 5-Week Super Shred Challenge you not only get my years of trial and error experience, you get moms just like you. Your new fitness besties will keep you pumped up and hold you accountable.

I’m going to leave you with the wise words of super mom, Renee:

Do it!! You won’t regret it!! You don’t have to have a ton of free time, great genetics, or be a natural athlete. If you’re willing to trust the process’’

Renee is one of the hundreds of busy moms wanting to lose weight that I’ve worked with. With the 5 Week’s Challenge, I hope to help hundreds more! Sign up for this challenge and share it with a friend for #accountability!

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