Why We Love Fitnes Challenges (And You Should Too)!

In this post, we’re talking about challenges. More specifically, fitness challenges. And really, why you should invest in a fitness challenge to truly reach your goals. 

Challenges, we face them daily and don’t even realize it. Whether it be from waking up on time to picking out our outfits for the day to falling asleep “on time” to eating to properly fuel our bodies. Challenges are just the way of life but we categorize them as daily tasks. So why wouldn’t you embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself to truly better yourself FOR YOURSELF? You should… and here’s why! 

Since challenges are the way of our normal days, let’s purposefully implement one to cater to our wants that we didn’t even know we need. When you decide to engage in a wellness challenge, you are choosing yourself. This is a huge step in overall improvement to your true well-being. And when you choose yourself and your health over the latter, you become a better person for all those around you! 

It is imperative that you make yourself a priority. When you constantly put others first you disregard your needs which only creates an unhealthy biome inside. And when your flora is challenged, any attempt at an improved physique will become extremely hard to achieve. You can’t fight your outsides without taking care of YOUR insides first. 

So let’s dissect a bit more…

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Fitness Challenge

1. It’s your first step towards your goals

We all need to realize it takes the initial step to finally make progress. But without that first step, you’ll never even stand a chance at reaching your goals. 

Many times we can become superficially overwhelmed at the bigger picture; I want to lose 20lbs in 3 months, but where do I start? 

What we all need to truly comprehend is it takes the first 1 pound of weight loss to put you on the path to the additional 19. And if you still don’t understand how to get that first pound to disappear, why wouldn’t a challenge, with clear-cut guidelines, provided workouts, and nutritional guidance be your chosen path? It’s logical… IT MAKES SENSE! Let’s go! 

Everything you need to know about investing in a fitness challenge

2. Human nature is competitive

You can now find motivation within your competitive sides. Friendly competition is a great motivator and will act as the driving force to show you you can do it! You have the ability and you are that much stronger than you think. 

Outside of the competitive side of it, you can also create beautiful relationships with your opponents. What better motivator than like-minded women working together to achieve similar goals and finding lasting relationships in the interim? 

When you also take into consideration that you have a team behind you, not just your coach, but the team of women who are in the same boat, you become unstoppable.

3. The knowledge you receive from a simple “kickstart”

The 3-5 weeks of instruction can be the basis for your true lifestyle change. It will provide the foundation to build on as you progress. It will show you the “yellow brick road” to truly comprehend what is needed for you to succeed.

The natural design of a challenge for weight loss, muscle building, and nutritional guidance are to allow the individual to jump-start their journey with helping hands and support. We all need the guidance when it comes to areas that are outside of our expertise, so seeking a challenge with a qualified coach that has invested in the profession of helping women succeed in their journey’s to physique goals just makes sense; unless you like floundering to the goals that you seem to never truly achieve (I said what I said…). 

Procrastination is the leading cause in never fully achieving what we set out to do. You can come up with excuse after excuse as to why you can’t do this or shouldn’t do that. But then I will ask, how happy are you if you continually wish you could just do this or do that? 

But why is it so hard to commit to even a 21-day program? Why do we struggle with commitment to the first phase of our journeys that will stand the test of time? There are a number of reasons that will be removed from your excuse handbook as of NOW.

1. Because it’s hard! It will require effort on your part and it’s not a technical quick fix. It will take more than 3 days of a “juice cleanse” or “teatox.” You will have to find a level of discipline within yourself that you may not be ready to accept yet. But then ask yourself, do you really want to achieve your goals? If so, then buckle up baby, the discipline train has pulled into your station.

2. It will require commitment; and not just commitment to the program, but a commitment to YOURSELF! When you have invested so heavily in creating relationships with others, spouse, significant other, children, siblings, you have taken that time and focus away from you. You have held onto nurturing the other relationships because it’s technically easier. When you pull the focus back on yourself, you have now challenged not only yourself, but you can no longer put responsibility elsewhere but back on yourself. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but that pill just became the “magic pill.”

Why you should invest in a fitness challenge today!

3. It will require you to set boundaries and maybe have some difficult conversations with relatives and friends that will take time away from them so you may be a better person for them. That may be the hardest part because there are a plethora of emotions that may follow. But here’s the one takeaway you can know, you do deserve to feel good from the inside out which will translate to looking good and doing good. 

Remove the excuses, remove the guilt and anxiety and let’s find yourself with all the support you never knew you needed but always wanted! Challenge accepted!! 

If you are ready to join a friendly competition, challenge yourself, and have a support system to hold you accountable this holiday season… Come join our 21 Day Mini Shred Challenge!

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