How YOU Can Stay Fit During Quarantine Like This Mom

This is THE post you didn’t know you need before 2020. YUP. How to stay fit during quarantine. If you’ve been struggling with your fitness since 2020, in and out of quarantine and lockdowns, then this post is still relevant to you. Make sure you’re staying fit during quarantine with these tips. And get inspired by Katherine’s experience!

Do you ever feel like you’re going around in circles? Putting in tons of effort into your workouts without results to show for it? Katherine felt exactly like this. As a mom of 3 kids all under the age of 8 and running her own business, she wasn’t shy of putting in hard work and definitely knew what it was like to put in those long hours.

Sadly her fitness was put on the hold for many years and comfort eating was the norm. She kept promising herself that she would start tomorrow. Until she went for a doctor’s appointment and was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. They explained that she needed a lifestyle change in both fitness and diet – a real kick up the butt. 

This is when the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation popped up on her Facebook feed – as if Facebook was listening in to those conversations! Following her doctor’s advice and with a fresh mindset, she joined the program for the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation. Knowing that it was completely out of her comfort zone, but quite possibly the accountability and change of scenery she needed to achieve her goals.

It would soon be the best thing she did for her health.

After just one week of being in the program, she was on fire! She was smashing her workouts daily and nailing her nutrition. But we all know that life is never smooth sailing for too long. When the pandemic hit, suddenly she was having to juggle her job with her kids and partner who were all home 24/7.

Her main worry was that it was going to be that much harder to achieve the results she was looking for, especially not being able to go to the gym. When I asked her what she was struggling with, she replied:

I had all these plans to go to the gym and not have any distractions while I work out, no way I will see any results without all that super equipment from the gym.”

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting yourself all geared up and motivated, then something comes along and steals the wind from your sails. Covid-19 is a hard time for most of us, but especially hard when you’ve decided to make such a big lifestyle change for yourself and you get stopped dead in your tracks. But as always, you need to look at the cup half full and see it as a fresh challenge. Katherine did just this and started following the home workouts available in the 4 Weeks To Fit Transformation so she could keep on pushing herself towards her goals from home.  

Will 4 weeks be enough? How do I find the spare time for me? What happens when the gym is closed, how do I get a good workout in from home? 

These are all worries most of us have, but as Katherine discovered – with the right support network and plan, anything is possible. Even during the lockdown! 

I honestly didn’t think that results like this were possible in such a short period of time but it was the best surprise to see my before and after photos and have that side by side comparison to see how much I achieved!.”

There was no looking back for Katherine.

The 4 Weeks To Fit program Katherine embarked on was exactly what she needed. From the nutritional advice, all the way through to the exercise modifications offered.

Why do we offer exercise modifications for postpartum mamas and those with diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor issues?

Because these mamas need some extra TLC and specific expertise from a coach who understands their bodies and the changes they have gone through.

Previously, after each of her pregnancies, Katherine had tried various workouts, fitness programs, and diets that promised great results. But as it happens, none of them were right for her. Some of which being some famous workout programs, Keto, and a few other fad diets… But none provided a sustainable lifestyle and she didn’t see the results staying for very long even after putting in so much effort. The issue was that they were not sustainable. They didn’t teach her how to make her diet work with her instead of working against her. 

Studies have shown that having a regular routine and balanced schedule is essential to reaching your goals. Certainly during this crazy time, the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation was exactly that for Katherine. By providing her with a clear, guided plan that walked her through the program step by step, helping keep her on track and stay motivated. Even though she only had limited equipment, she was able to hit her fitness goals and not only amaze us all with her results but she shocked herself.

“I saw amazing results with just some little weights and clean eating and watching the weight just fall off and my belly fat disappearing kept me pushing and wanting to keep going.”

As us moms all know, it can sometimes be hard to give ourselves permission to be human. We think we have to be a mom, employee/business owner, wife, and still somehow magically keep everything together. With all that chaos it’s usually our health that takes hit first. But we have to stay strong and focused, knowing that the results will be worth it and taking time out to exercise and look after our diets are not just for fitness benefits, but for mental health benefits as well.

Support = Amazing Results

This is what we all want, let’s be honest! Looking and feeling great, while setting a great example for your whole family. When you say to yourself I CAN and create an opportunity for you to be able to achieve your goals, you’re not only just proving to yourself how strong you are, but you’re showing your entire family that they can do the same. Setting a shining example and leading the way for them. 

“With the 4 weeks 2 Fit challenge and the meal plan, I lost 12lbs and 13 inches overall. But that was just the beginning. I have continued to work out, eat well and this challenge has grown into a lifestyle for me.”- says Katherine

Katherine is a real mom like you or me. She is facing the real challenges of our new norm day to day life. With the added guidance, support, and direction, she’s living proof that we are more powerful than what we may first imagine ourselves to be.

All you need to do is believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone. 

“It is important to invest in yourself. You can’t be the mom, spouse, grandparent, even friend that you want to and need to be if you don’t take care of yourself first. Take that step, invest in your health, your self-esteem, your whole being. You won’t regret it!”- Katherine.

As I said, Katherine is no different than you! She’s not a wizard mom who magically has more hours in the day. Or a spell to make the kids sleep just a bit longer… (wouldn’t that be great!?) Nope! Katherine is just like you… Which is great news for you because that means that YOU CAN BE NEXT. Your success can be the next we celebrate here.

All you have to do is take that first step. And the best part is… you can take that first step right now. Join the next 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation and see just what you can accomplish in 4 weeks’ time! To make the deal even sweeter, when you join you have a chance to win $2,000! AND for this week only, you can join the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation for whatever price feels right for you. 

That’s not a typo… you get to choose what to pay when you checkout! Don’t believe me?? Click here to learn more.

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