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The Post Quarantine Fail You MUST Avoid [COVID-19 Series]

In this post we’re sharing THE post quarantine fail you must avoid. Whether you’re so over quarantine or not, there’s still chances you’ll be faced with 2 weeks at home. So make sure if you are, you’re not making this mistake! Let’s chat post quarantine FAILS.

The Post Quarantine Fail you MUST avoid

As a fitness professional who’s been around for some time… I’ve made a few predictions about what’s going to happen as we ‘return to normal’. I can already tell that the promotion of detoxes and cleanses are going to catapult. 

The “Lose 20 lbs in 3 days” kinda promotion, after so many of us have reduced our activity levels and increased the amount we eat is certainly going to skyrocket.

As you start to settle into this new ‘normal’ it is important to be equipped with reliable and correct information, so you don’t harm your health and sacrifice your fitness goals with some quick fix. Today I want to help you make sure that you’re avoiding this post quarantine fitness fail.

I’ve got good news and bad news. I’m going to go ahead and start with the bad news, and I’m sorry if this bursts your bubble. As much as it hurts me, I just have to say it:

Detoxes don’t work.

I’m sorry. And, before you ask, cleanses don’t work, either.

I get it. The ads look great. The Martha Vineyard’s Diet Detox advertises that you can lose twenty-one pounds in twenty-one days, and Amazon is full of bestsellers like magic teas, superfood tablets, and cleanse kits. It sounds so easy and so healthy to use these products to get clean and flush out your system, but the problem is…

You’ve already got organs that do the exact same thing naturally.

And that’s the good news!

For starters, your liver is your first line of defense in getting adverse substances out of your bloodstream. Kidneys are constantly at work filtering blood and detoxing your urine. Your colon plays a huge part in your natural purification system. Your colon works at reabsorbing fluids and making sure you’re getting what’s essential before it dumps waste.

If you’re looking to lose weight or cut down on body fat, you need to have the facts. Replacing a meal with juices, teas, or substitutes doesn’t help you lose weight because you’re detoxing—it works by the principle of calorie deficit.

Let’s think about it mathematically. Say you replace your afternoon sandwich of cheese, lean turkey, and whole wheat bread with a 200-calorie juice. That sandwich was 400 calories… you’ve created a 200-calorie deficit. With enough replacement and repetition, of course, you’ll lose weight!

These detox and cleansing substitutes work on a principle of a caloric deficit. While that might sound great in the short-term, here are some long-term effects that you might want to think about:


“The latest and greatest” fad detoxes and cleanse products come in shiny bottles with amazing promo videos. But are the results really going to stick around for the long run? Sure, you’ll lose weight fast… But it’s going to be hard to keep it off if you don’t want to commit to the detox lifestyle.



How long will you be able to substitute a meal for a cup of tea? What about vacation? What happens if you’re chaperoning your kid’s field trip or your coworkers want to go out for lunch? Detox products range anywhere from $15-$75 on Amazon. Is that a cost you’re willing to keep paying?


By forgoing a full, balanced meal for a detox or cleansing product, what will you be missing in your day? By giving up a meal, you’re missing an important chance to feed and nurture your body, especially after key workouts.

Honestly, I’d rather see someone work toward long-term, sustainable goals than lose a bunch of weight by drastically cutting back their calories. If you’re looking to get stronger, healthier, lose fat, and have more energy, a cleanse or detox isn’t the answer. Eating nutritious foods, sticking to your workouts, and giving your body what it needs to be strong will do way more for you in the long run.

Sure, you may not lose fifteen pounds in two days, or something crazy like that, but by making a lifestyle choice rather than following a fad you’re setting yourself up for long-term success.

Here’s a great example. If you take a thirty-minute run on your lunch break and burn 300 calories, then eat your lunch with some chicken, a small cup of broccoli, and a little snack (cookie anyone?). You’re hitting your protein needs with two servings of whole grains, a serving of vegetables, and a little treat for under 500 calories. If you’re doing the math, that brings you back down to 200 calories. You also have the added benefit of your run. A benefit you wouldn’t have gotten had you just settled with your 200-calorie juice mix. Balancing your workouts with the appropriate amount of healthy food will not only help you lose weight—it will help you foster a healthy lifestyle that will leave you stronger, fitter, and happier.

What’s next you ask?

Although, NOT as sexy as saying “I lost 20 lbs in 3 days”, a sustainable plan that fits around your life is the only way to long term success to not only accomplish your fitness goals but to maintain them. 

This is why I created the 4 Weeks to Fit Transformation, so you can not only transform your body in a sustainable way, but you can learn everything you need to know to MAINTAIN the transformation. 

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