10 Summer Activities for the Whole Family

10 summer activities for the family that will have your pants fitting a little looser and the kids smiling a little bigger

With the Summer in full force and your kids at home, getting your workouts in may seem just a bit more difficult.

There’s plenty of ways that you can get your workouts in and still spend quality time with your children this summer. I’m going to give you fun activities and tips that are going to keep you moving and your kids happy, at the same time!

 It’s time to release that inner child with a  walk down memory lane. All l while staying healthy and fit over the summer months. 

Swimming in the Pool with your kids for the summer

10 Summer Activities To Keep You Moving


Hula Hooping is a complete core workout (yay for killer abs). Not only will it help trim your waist but it will help strengthen your stomach muscles. It is also a great full body workout. Research has found that hooping can use up to 30 of your body’s muscles. Now grab a hula hoop with your child and see who can hoop this longest!

Your kids are going to love it when you pull out the hula-hoop as well. It’s always an activity that leaves the whole family laughing and exhausted. 

Jump Rope

Remember the days where we could jump rope all day long. As kids we did it for fun, spending our whole days outside skipped rope with our friends. As adults, it can be just as fun to bring out the old rhymes and jump rope with your kits.  Jumping rope can be beneficial for your full body. It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time, It’s also a great activity for your heart.  

Play Tag

As kids, we used to be able to run forever! And just when you would think you couldn’t run anymore, you’d speed up and run as fast as you could just to avoid being tagged? We know that running has so many incredible benefits from helping boost your mood, lose weight, and add years to your life. While your kids aren’t going to lace up their sneakers and take off for 3 miles with you, they will run for hours in the backyard playing tag.  

A Game of Basketball

Looking for fun ways to burn some calories? Grab the kids and head outdoors for a family game of basketball. Not only are you going to burn calories, you are going to build bones strength and make sure that your heart is happy!

Go Swimming

Beat the summer heat by taking the family over to the pool.Swimming uses all the muscles in the body. Whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or hammer butterfly, you will get a full body workout. Plus, exercising in water makes your body work even harder. This means that  30 minutes in a pool is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land. 

Summer Acivities you can do with your kids. Swimming in the ocean together

Taking Bike Rides

Ending your day with a bike ride, when the air has started to cool down is a great way to slow down, get your kids outside and of course, stay healthy this summer. A simple bike ride will help you whether you are looking to maintain your weight or lose weight and build muscle, but it is also a great time to explore with your kids. 

Grow A Garden

Give gardening a try and you will be surprised at what a workout it can be.  Gardening burns hundreds of calories per hour! Use your time in the garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Growing your own food encourages you and your family to eat more fresh and raw produce. 

Starting a family garden in the summer can be beneficial for the overall health of your family. It’s also an educational opportunity for you to teach your kids about the foods they eat and where they come from.


With the kids being out of school, now is the perfect time to take them  exploring in new areas around where you live. Hiking naturally spikes the intensity level of your workout which helps you to burn three times the body fat of a flat walk. Not to mention it’s an amazing way to get your family out of your routine and out of the neighborhood. 


Are you and the kids ready for some new adventures this summer? Why not try out kayaking? Kayaking works your whole body with an emphasis on your upper body and core. Not only will you get a great workout in while having fun with the kids doing something new, but you will be making memories that last forever Summer is the perfect time to try out some new hobbies with your kids. Kayaking is a great place to start. Just make sure to layer up on the sunscreen!

Water Fights 

And last but not least. WATER FIGHTS! Just suggesting a water fight will thrill your kids. It’s an amazing family activity for hot summer days. Not only is it going to bring you lots of laughter which is already so great for your health, but all that running around and hiding from your kids is going to help keep you shape and moving over the summer months. 

This summer, take some time to plan these activities for your family These summer activities are going to keep you on track even when the kids are at home, taking more of your time. They’re going to help you spend more time creating memories with your family.  This summer will be one your kids always remember! 

Nathalia ❤

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