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The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Active Moms

In this post, I’m bringing you the ultimate Christmas Gift List for Active Moms. If you’ve got an active mama in your life, she’s going to love this. Oh, and if you’re an active mama yourself, feel free to forward this to your loved ones! I know I make a list for my husband every year 😂.

With Christmas around the corner, I decided to put together a list of things that my family could get me… subtle I know ;). But I like to make sure people get the exact things they want and need for Christmas, so there’s no shame in making a list for your family to know what you want. So when making my own list this year, I thought I’d share it with you!  Are you ready for my ultimate Christmas gift list for Active Moms? 

Make sure to forward this list across to your family, husband, and kids, so they have some ideas of what they can get you this year. What’s on your Christmas Gift List this year? 

The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Active Moms

1.  Workout Clothes

Yup! A no-brainer for Active Moms. And obviously the first item on my Christmas Gift List for Active Moms. We can never have too many pairs of leggings… believe me. New workout clothes is a win/win. Whenever I get new workout clothes, it’s like a new inspiration to get my butt in the gym! Make sure to check out my favorite brand, they are so high quality and soooo comfy! Check out Better Bodies Leggings

2. Sneakers 

Of course, you’re going to need new sneakers to go along with your new workout clothes. I seriously love getting a new pair of sneakers. I don’t know about you, but I wear my sneakers until there are holes in the bottom! So it’s always nice to get a new pair. Here’s my favorite pair of Adidas and my favorite pair of Nike Sneakers. 

My favorite brands are Adidas, Nike, and Brooks. 

3. Smart Watch

Everybody has their preference for Samsung or Apple Smart Watches, and some people swear by Fitbit. It doesn’t matter which brand you like, but I think they are a MUST for Moms. I love numbers and data, being able to easily see every day how I am doing on my goals. I love knowing easily if I am making progress and where I can improve. 

Smart Watches have so many features, from counting steps to letting you know how much sleep you’re getting. It’ll be a total gamechanger for your health and wellbeing in 2020. These are the perfect gift for moms this Christmas. 

4. Wireless Headphones 

Honestly, nobody has the time to be tangling themselves in headphone wires. It drives me crazy! I finally got myself a nice pair of Beats and all I could think was… why didn’t I do this sooner?! They have been a total game-changer and trust me, they are worth every penny. I’ve had mine for four years and they still work perfectly. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind when you are buying wireless headphones is the battery life. You do not want to save a couple of bucks but end up with headphones that die as soon as you start your workout… That’s why I have to recommend the Beats Solo. They truly are the perfect Christmas gift for active moms. 

5. Mom Inspiration T-shirt

One thing I know about us moms, we LOVE a t-shirt with a good saying on it. I have to say that I am obsessed with tank tops and t-shirts that either have something funny or inspirational on them. And since I love them so much, I started making my own. These shirts make the PERFECT stocking stuffer for your mom. Check out a few of my favorites. There’s this one, this one, and this one, which is my all-time favorite!

6. Dietary Supplements 

It’s important to make sure that you are getting the protein and vitamins that you need. Without them, you won’t have the energy to be chasing your kids around the house, working and staying on top of every little thing you do, every day! We’re moms, we’re BUSY! That’s why I love Dymatize, they have the best products. If you’re just getting started with Dietary Supplements, check out this Protein Powder and this Pre Workout. They are a great place to start!

7. Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are a great tool to have for home workouts and for the days you want to take your workout outside to a park or just to your garden. They are so easy to pack around, that you can keep them in your car and take them on holiday with you!! I know… I’m that crazy lady that plans her holiday workouts… but resistance bands are the perfect thing to stock your mom’s stocking with! 

8. Glute Bands 

I find glute bands incredibly versatile. They can add an extra challenge for both your home and gym workouts. These peach bands are perfect for your legs and booty, so you’ll head into the new year feeling good!

9. Set of Dumbbells

Having a set of dumbbells is essential for training at home. I don’t train from home very often, but I still keep a couple of sets of dumbbells at home just in case… It’s good to have a couple of different weights because you’ll be using each for different exercises. You can’t go wrong with a set of Dumbbells for Christmas! 

10. Black Puffer Coat

I live for a good black puffer jacket. I love them, especially when I am traveling since they are suitable for heading to the gym or even for a night out. A good puffer jacket looks great no matter what you are pairing it with. So if you don’t already have one… I’d add it to your list! Click here to get one.

11. Silicone wedding band 

I recently lost a diamond from my wedding band, and now I understand why so many people wear silicone bands. It broke my heart when I lost my wedding band, and I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, so make sure that you get one of these amazing silicone ones! They’re perfect for wearing to the gym. And you don’t have to take it off when you are at home doing the dishes or cleaning toilets! 

12. Massage gift voucher

Oooooh a massage! I don’t think this even needs an explanation. If you truly love that special lady in your life, then make sure to get her a massage voucher for Christmas. She will LOVE you! I recommend checking on Groupon, you can always find amazing deals there, especially around the holidays. 

13. Mani + Pedi Gift Voucher

Again, I recommend checking Groupon to find what spas are offering deals around the holidays, but I know that you could find a great Mani-Pedi deal. It’s such a thoughtful gift, but make sure it comes with a babysitter voucher! You do NOT want to be carting your kids to the nail salon with you… Been there… done that. It takes the ‘relaxing’ right out of spa day!

14. A Gift Voucher for a House Cleaner

Do you know what is better than a clean house? 

When you are not the one who needs to be scrubbing the floor. Get your loved one the gift of a clean house by finding a house cleaning service in your neighborhood. Or if you wanted, give them a gift voucher letting them know you’ll clean the entire house for them! 

15. A Gym Membership

I know a lot of women prefer to train from home, but sometimes watching other people push themselves in the gym is a good boost of motivation you might not get at home. It’s also nice to get out of your house to work out because it forces you to focus on working out. And remember, if you’re worried about the kids, a lot of gyms have childcare facilities. 

If you are in the US, I personally go to Lifetime as they have childcare facilities, and the whole club caters to families. 

If you are in the DFW Metroplex area, check out Destination Dallas and Hidden Gym. They are both phenomenal gyms too. 

16. Personalized Handwritten Bracelet 

If you’re looking for something extremely thoughtful to get your loved one this Christmas, then look no further than these personalized, handwritten bracelets. They are stunning! And they are such a cute memory. Click here to see my favorite.

17. Personalized Necklace from Tiny Tags

I have a Tiny Tag necklace with my kids’ names written on one side and on the other, mine and my husband’s initials plus our wedding date. I get compliments on it every day! And it’s easily the most special piece of jewelry I own (especially since I lost my wedding ring…) I can promise if you get this for your mom for Christmas, you’ll have her crying before presents are finished! She’ll love it. Find one for your special someone here.

18. A Family-Friendly Healthy Recipe Ebook

I know that most moms struggle to stay on track with their nutrition. It becomes incredibly time-consuming to cook 100 different meals for everyone, every day! And I get it because I have picky eaters in my family. But that’s why this eBook would make a great Christmas gift. The recipes in it have been tried, tested, and approved by my picky eaters! Grab your copy here.

19. Lifting Glove/Strap

These straps make it SO MUCH EASIER to go heavier on back and hamstring day. I keep them on my gym backpack and even when I travel, I pack them with me. I have gotten blisters from weight bars before, which is why I swear by using Lifting Gloves now. They make a great Christmas gift for moms who love fitness. 

20. Handbag Organizer

Now, I personally don’t own this yet! It’s on my personal Christmas list and I know you’d want it on yours as well. My handbag is the most disorganized place in my life and it makes me crazy! I just want to know where things are in there… that’s why I’ve decided that it’s time to get a handbag organizer.

21. Stylish Backpack 

I love a good versatile and stylish backpack. I have had mine for a good 5 years and still use it every day. A lot of times, when I’m running out of the house, I prefer to grab my backpack over my handbag (that’s why I like to have a nice, stylish backpack. It goes a lot of places with me.) I think that when it comes to moms, backpacks are much more practical than your traditional handbag with its frustrating lack of pockets… Click here to see my favorite. 

22. Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen  

I know it’s winter and sunscreen is probably the last thing on your shopping list… but take my word for it, the sun shining up off the snow can do serious damage to your poor face! Not to mention the toll that the cold weather will take on you as well. That’s why I’ve added this Face Moisturizer to my Christmas list. 

23. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is a fit girl’s BFF! Seriously. Washing our hair every day is 100% out of the question, so we can always count on dry shampoo. I keep a bottle in my bathroom, of course, but you can also always find one tucked away in my purse. And I never travel without it! Find some here!

24. Lotion set (Bumbum cream)

The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Active Moms

Like I said above, the cold winter weather can be so damaging for your skin! I really love the way that this lotion smells (I’m actually putting it on my list in hopes that my husband gets me more!) Believe me, you’ll become addicted to this lotion set. It’s the perfect gift!

25. New Perfume 

Daisy and Marc Jacobs - The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Active Moms

I know picking a perfume for someone else can be tricky, you want to make sure you get something they are going to love. To make it easier, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites. 

26. Ninja Blender

Ninja Cooker - The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Active Moms

The Ninja Blender is so handy. It’s perfect for making smoothies, pureeing the baby’s food, making small amounts of pancake mix, etc… I could go on and on. You can’t get a lot of different attachments for your Ninja, which makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen.

But, not all gifts have to be bought! If you are on a tight budget, you can still show your appreciation in different ways. 

Here are my top 5 free Christmas Gift List for Active Moms

1. Take the kids for a day and let mama relax!

This is a goooood one. Trust me. Your wife is going to love you so much when you tell her that you’re going to take the kids for a day. She can finally take that bath she’s been thinking about for the past 3 years… 

2. Let mom have a lie-in, and wake the kids up and get them breakfast.

My husband ALWAYS wins a lot of brownie points when he does this. He’ll wake up before me and make sure the kids don’t come in to bug me. Then he’ll get breakfast going and get them ready for school so I can have that extra 30 minutes of peace. 

3. If you still have a baby that wakes up during the night, offer to do the night shift.

Even if mama is breastfeeding, you might be able to work something out and maybe give the baby a bottle of pumped breastmilk. Taking the night shift is a wonderful gift because believe me, your wife is exhausted! Can I get an AMEN to that ladies?

4. Offer to make dinner one night of the week.

I know that the normal routine in most houses is that the women take care of the dinner for the whole family. At least that’s the case most of the time in my house… So offering to cook dinner just one night will definitely show how much you appreciate her. 

5. Spend some alone time with your partner, even if that date night is just you two at home alone watching a movie. 

Life can get very busy and a couple can become a bit “disconnected” when they hardly have time to talk and connect. So, just a date night at home after the kids go to bed can do the trick. Pop a bag of popcorn and snuggle under a blanket to finally catch up on those movies you’ve been dying to see!

Just like that, we’re done! That’s my ultimate list of Christmas gifts that you can give your wife, mom, daughter or sister this holiday season. And if you’re ready I hope your husband will come up with a few things like this… just forward him the post! That way you’ll get exactly what you need this holiday season.

Have a hard time getting to the gym because of the busy holiday season? I feel you! With holiday parties and last-minute shopping, I haven’t found much time left over to go to the gym. I’ve been relying on a quick but high-intensity full-body workout to keep me on track with my goals. And as a special holiday gift to you, I’ve created a free copy of this exact workout for YOU! You can download your copy HERE.

Disclaimer – the post contains affiliate links. That simply means if you make a purchase from this post, I make a small percentage. At NO additional cost to you.Thank you for supporting me and this blog! Happy holidays ladies.

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