The Most Annoying Pregnancy Advice Women Always Receive

For some reason, every pregnant woman receives a boatload of pregnancy advice… unwanted comments and comments. You would think we have a big red arrow pointing to ourselves reading “I NEED ADVICE”. From labor horror stories to the “Are you sure you’re only 14 weeks?!”, it’s safe to say most pregnant women will encounter these at some point during her pregnancy. Read on for some tips on dealing with or deterring these people you’ll meet!

1- The Professional childless parent and their ”life changing” advice

We all know one of these. The friend/cousin-in-law/random lady on the street, who has no children, and no plans to have any soon, yet thinks they’re a parenting expert because they read an article in a magazine once. Or they watch a lot of TV shows about families so they think they’re well versed in child psychology. This one will tell you in no uncertain terms what you should or shouldn’t do with your baby on the way. Just smile, nod, and say, “I’ll give that advice all the consideration it deserves.” Which is…none!

2- The horror story teller

“You’re due in two weeks? Ohhh no you better get your rest now….my baby had colic and she would NOT let me get more than one hour of sleep at a time!” Or, “My labor was 48 hours long and ended in a c-section.” These moms have no filter whatsoever. They’ll often start off with, “Not to scare you, but….” Well, let me tell you. They DO scare you. If you encounter one of these, feel free to stop them mid-sentence and say, “Thanks, but I’m pretty excited about birth/the newborn stage/etc., and I’d like to keep it that way!”

3- The ALL natural/organic/grass fed/non-GMO/gluten free advisers

God forbid, you wipe your child’s ass with a non-organic/ processed/ non-homemade wipe or plan on delivering your baby any other way besides an unassisted freshwater lake birth! These are the green living enthusiasts who assume theirs is the only correct way. They would be in for a shock if they saw what my son eats! (Hint: The child will ONLY eat fish sticks and french fries…I know, I know…hey, at least he is fed!)

4- The Belly toucher

Just. Don’t. For some reason people think that a woman’s body is ”no man’s land” and they can just walk up to you and rub your belly like you are some sort of Buddha look-alike. You will most certainly encounter one or a few of these. If you’re the non-confrontational type, back up a little, or put both your hands on your own belly to block the person, and most people should get the hint. However, if you’re feeling a bit brazen, I personally get a kick out of the advice to rub their tummy right back. I can assure you they will think twice before ever touching another pregnant woman’s belly! We are not good luck charms. Again, just don’t.

5- The ”Omg you are huge!” or ”Are you sure there aren’t 2 in there?” comments.

Eh….how about if you don’t know what to say… just don’t say anything at all. Pregnant women are already hormonal, and many times are a bit self-conscious about their quickly changing bodies. (And, yes…I am 100% sure there is only one there!) For that matter, don’t try going the opposite way and saying “You look tiny for being seven months!” Because trust me we are already over analyzing how much weight we’ve gained, along with the ultrasound measurements of our baby, and how big the pregnancy books say we should be getting, etc. We don’t need to worry on top of it all that when Aunt Susan was in her 7th month she could still fit in her pre pregnancy pants, or that Cheryl looked just like that at 3 months and she ended having surprise twins.

Yep, pretty much every pregnant woman will get these comments at one point or another. Pregnant women are a notoriously hormonal bunch, but try not to let these people get to you!

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