How a Busy Working Mom Lost 24lbs (& went down 3 pants sizes & 2 shirt sizes) in 4 Months

Today, I present to you an inspiring story of a working mom who almost forgot to take care of her physical fitness as she juggled the role of being a mom, a wife, and a leader in the workplace. This post is weight loss tips for any working mom struggling to hit her goals.

As moms, more often than not, we feel guilty about having some “Me” time or treating ourselves with something that makes us feel good. We’d rather spend time with the kids or buy gifts for our loved ones, or look after the welfare of the people around us.

Oftentimes, we don’t even acknowledge that we’re stressed out or need some time to rest, or just need to clear out our headspace—because we’re busy thinking about others.

Let’s block that feeling of guilt, okay!

Read today’s inspiring story of how this busy mom got her fitness groove back, lost weight, and even convinced her husband to join in her journey to better health.

Weight Loss Tips for a Working Mom

Meet Kathryn…a mom who’s also working full-time as a Director of Training and Development.  Between leading a team at work and being a wife, a mom to 2 sons and 2 needy Boston Terriers, keeping the household in tact–that’s quite a balancing act! 

Truly, “busy” is an understatement, just like how it is with all moms.

Where things went haywire:

Kathryn was not new to monitoring her food intake, exercising, and being fit in general. She has always been conscious of her physical fitness, not even the birth of her first child could stop her from keeping up with her exercise routines. In fact, she was actively attending training at that time.

However, when she got pregnant with her 2nd child, she was put on restrictions and was only able to walk for exercise. And that’s where it started to go haywire.  “It was really defeating”, she says.

Months after her 2nd son was born, she figured that it was the best time to get back into fitness classes. But with a demanding full-time work schedule and her husband traveling a lot, joining classes was always the first thing she took off her priority list. So, she tried to do it on her own. 

There she was, trying to exercise and eat well. She’d have a few days of really consistent habits and then go back to bad habits—this constant cycle of inconsistency felt too hard to break.

Life, in the last 4 years, always felt overwhelming and it was hard to balance all the changes and stress at work and home.  In a span of 4 years, she

  • Had her 2nd son
  • Was laid off and started at a new company
  • Moved out of town
  • Took on new roles at work, 
  • And then recently took a new job and moved out of state! 

In short, inevitable factors have kicked her fitness goals to the curb, almost throwing her life out of symmetry. She describes it as a roller coaster of ups and downs.

What the pandemic taught her:

The pandemic has forced a lot of us to reflect and reconsider what’s important in life.”, she says.”

Family is her top priority, of course. And the nature of her job also requires much of her attention. But she realized that she must NOT forget to give herself the “me time” that she deserves.

In her own words: “I’ve done a lot of reflection this year and made a commitment to myself to focus on ‘ME’.

What she did:

She wanted to look and feel better, and she was determined to put herself first, this time.

I started with one of Nathalia’s challenges.  I was super motivated, overwhelmed by what a macro meant, and sore from the workouts! But it was working!! I felt better and saw improvement on the scale and tape measure.  I didn’t want my progress to stall and knew it was just five weeks.  So I signed up for personal coaching.”- Kathryn

As a certified fitness coach for nearly 15 years, and becoming a Mom along the way, I know how challenging it is for moms like you to think of yourself first before anyone else.

As for Kathryn who is a go-getter and an action taker, she was already able to get results with one of my challenges… but, she knew she wanted more!

In order for her to not fall through the cracks once again, she took the higher-level program which is my Personal Coaching. This is where I can take you by the 

hand, be in your corner, encourage you – on a personal level –  to abide by the customized routines and meal plans.

Kathryn says: “I didn’t realize how much I needed Nathalia! She is the perfect balance of tough love, and calling you out when you need to be, and being your biggest cheerleader and celebrating your accomplishments no matter how small.” 

Did my Personalized Coaching Program cause a lot of friction in Kathryn’s current lifestyle?

Let’s hear it from her:

The best thing about the program is that it fits into my life.  I can do it around my work schedule and it’s created in a way that sets me up to succeed!  I also love the flexibility.  Want a date night? Go for it – just adjust your macros earlier in the day to accommodate.  Going on vacation? Great – adjust your workouts for your hotel room and be flexible in how you plan your meals.  I needed this flexibility so I could still be me and do the things I love without having to change myself for a fitness program.

All moms deserve to take care of themselves just as how they look after the well-being of their loved ones around them. 

In a lot of ways, my personal coaching program did not only improve her physical health, but her mental health as well. 

And here’s the cherry on top:

Kathryn says: “I feel like myself again. I’m happier and more confident.  My husband can’t stop staring – that counts right?!… And I’ve also convinced my husband to work with Nathalia and Roger (Nathalia’s husband who is a former professional rugby player and S&C coach) and create a home gym for us both to be successful on our journey.  We are investing in ourselves for once and it feels good!”

In the past 4 months, Kathryn has lost almost 24 lbs and I’m down 3 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes. Amazing!

Look no further for weight loss tips as a Working Mom

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