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Our Surprise Date Nights And 6 Date Night Ideas

I know a lot of us to like to look for ways to spice things up in our relationships ever so often! I have mentioned a few times the surprise date nights my husband and I go on once a month, and some people have asked me how it works, so that’s exactly what I’ll do in this blog post. You know, it’s SO important to find that time to go out with your significant other and reconnect, especially if you have kids and don’t get as much time to spend together as you used to. Our surprise date night tradition takes things to the next level!

But, before I tell you how our secret date nights work, I am going to tell you how it all started. Soon after we moved to Texas, my husband went to explore the downtown area of the city we live in, Mckinney. It is a cute little downtown area with a bit of a Western and European combo feel to it.

Fast forward a week later, we were talking about how we were due for a date night and he said he knew where he wanted to go next. Being the VERY curious person I am, I started asking him like a broken record: ‘’where?’’, ‘’When?’’, ‘’what are we doing?’’. And, he just said ‘’It is a surprise!’’ just so I would stop asking. LOL.

He kept on playing the ‘’It’s a surprise game’’ for weeks because he knows how curious I am. The date night day came, and I didn’t know where we were going until I actually arrived at the place. He had told the Uber driver where we were heading before I got in the car. We went. To downtown McKinney and had dinner and explored around. It was during Oktoberfest so that made it all the more special. And thus our secret date night tradition was born!

The following month it was my turn to organize the secret date night, which I did something HYSTERICAL! Roger (my husband) hates dancing with a passion. So, leading up to our surprise date night, I started to insinuate I had booked a dance class for both of us. HAHAHAHAHA! The man was petrified, legit freaking out…it was brilliant! LOL.

I had actually booked something that I knew was going to be a fan fave, the shooting range, and it was a total success! And, ever since we have been doing secret date nights every month, where we take turns and they have all been great experiences so far.

Here I am gonna share some of the things we have already done, as well as some things I have on my list to do (Don’t worry…he doesn’t read my blogs! Ha). We also go for dinner either before or after the ‘’main activity’’.

Escape Room

We went to an Escape Room on our first secret date night, and it was AMAZING! I honestly didn’t think I was going to enjoy it because it sounded a bit weird at first, but it was a great couple/team activity that made us work together in something other than changing dirty diapers.

Shooting Range

Neither one of us had ever been to a shooting range (Heck, I had never even touched a gun before!) So, it was quite a cool experience and again…good teamwork and doing something just the two of us. Plus, we are in Texas, Ya’ll!


Well, we are in Texas, home of the rodeo, and just minutes away from the first and most traditional indoor rodeo arena (Cowtown Coliseum). The event was quite an experience, and it was cool to see something that is such a big part of our new home state.

Football (or any other sport) game

Roger is a former professional rugby player, so any sports activity will 100% win brownie points with him. So, it was a bit of a no brainer to choose a Cowboys game as the venue for one of our dates. This one wasn’t a surprise one because we had to pick the seats together, but a pretty good date, surprise or not! Woohoo!

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Cooking Class 

I loooove cooking classes, despite the fact I am a very mediocre cook! It is all about the experience. We haven’t gone to a cooking class here in Dallas yet, but we did a couple of times when we lived in Belfast and it was so much fun (they were a bit stingy on the wine, though!). I found a cooking class to be another great opportunity to work with your partner as a team, and the food normally turns out quite good too.

Ax Throwing

YUP! You read that right! LOL… There are a couple of places near where we live that have ax throwing. We have not been there yet, but I am actually super excited to try it out. Once I do, I will come back here and report to you guys how it went…hoping no heads get chopped off during the activity…I kid I kid! Hahaha.

As much as we love our surprise date nights, you sometimes want to know where you’re going and what to expect! Surprise date nights are not for everyone, but the point is, date nights are important! They help you refresh and recharge your relationship, which sometimes gets pushed to the back burner with small kids around. Happy parents=happy kids!

What about you? What are your favorite date night suggestions? Also, if you are in DFW and have some awesome suggestions on where I can plan my next surprise date night I would really love it if you could write it in the comments or head over to my Instagram (@nathaliamelofit)  and send me a DM with your suggestions!

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