Working Out At Home vs. The Gym —Which Is Better For Me?

Working out at home vs. the gym

The question of home vs. gym when it comes to working out is a question that keeps coming up over and over again. The answer is, like MANY things in fitness….it depends! If you are a person who LOVES the gym environment…sees the gym not only as a place to train, but a place to socialize, likes to have that little time for yourself OUT of the house, and can afford a gym membership…then, it is safe to say that the gym is best FOR YOU!

But, then there are people who enjoy training from home, or have to endure a 30 minute drive to get to the gym and another 30 minutes to go back home. There are people who can’t be bothered to wait for a machine to become available (I totally do not blame you there! My LEAST favorite part of going to a gym). For those, home workouts are 100% the best option!

Ultimately, you have to see what works for YOUR life and which option will make you stay consistent with your workout regimen. I always tell my girls that they can have the most amazing workout plan, but if they don’t stick to it, that workout plan is useless.
‘’What about making sure I lose body fat and ‘tone up’? Surely I can only do it in the gym!?’’

Well…let’s address this part by part. Body fat loss is mostly achieved through diet. It doesn’t really matter where you train as long as you are not stuffing your face and expecting the exercise routine to perform miracles. Remember, you can’t outrun a fork…meaning, you can’t eat 10 large pizzas and expect a workout to ‘’even you out’’. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but…it doesn’t really work like that!

What about ‘’toning up’’? ‘’Toning up’’ simply means gaining muscles. (Nope…you won’t look like the Hulk. I promise!) For you to gain muscle, we have to use something called progressive overload. I promise I wont get too technical…so stay with me here! Progressive overload basically means that there is a gradual increase of stress placed upon the body when you exercise. A lot of people think that progressive overload can only happen by lifting heavier and heavier weights, which is not true. Load is only one way to have progressive overload, other ways are by increasing the number of repetitions with the same load, increasing the range of motion with the same load, taking less rest in between sets…all of these examples of progressive overload.

But, Nathalia…what does all this have to do with home workouts and ‘’toning up’’?
Well…it means that even if you don’t have access to loads of weight like you would in a gym, it won’t really affect your ‘’toning up’’ (muscle growth for me and you) mission, if you are applying progressive overload in other ways.

The question of home vs. gym is not one that should stress you out. The key here is to make sure you push yourself as if you were in a gym and don’t take your workout for granted because it is ‘’only” a home workout. You CAN achieve results both from training from home or training in a gym, but you have to put in the work.

Because I truly believe in home workouts and their benefits, and know some moms don’t have the time or resources to join a gym, we will be adding home workouts to the Mother Strong League by the end of November. The Mother Strong League is my fitness program for moms where you’ll get workouts specific to YOUR stage in your motherhood journey…whether you’re a month postpartum or your ‘’baby’’ is already a teen!