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Furniture And Home Decor: Taking Care Of Your Surroundings Is Important Too!

Alright….so let’s talk furniture and home decor for a second. The right kind of furniture can make you feel like you’re living in a magazine…but the wrong kind can leave you feeling like you live in a frat house! Let me tell you something…when I moved to Northern Ireland to live with my now-husband, he already had bought some of the furniture. So it was never fully “me”, no matter how much I tried rearranging things. As most of you might know from following me on my social media sites, we have recently moved to the U.S. and have a new house…and I am LOVING designing my house from scratch this time. Granted, my ultimate dream house (located on Pinterest!) is one thing, while my real house is another, but I feel like getting to decorate a blank canvas, so to speak, is a very important part of making a place feel like home.

Another huge thing about living here is that my daughter, Chloe, now has her own room for the first time, and she’s already 1! It has been amazing getting to decorate and choose furniture for her room. I had been feeling that mom guilt over the fact that she has, up till now, been using her brother Nico’s hand-me-down crib while sleeping in my husband’s and my room. (And let me say after 2 years my husband and I are so ready to be done with a child sleeping in our room!)

I have been putting a ton of thought into designing the perfect rooms for my children, especially now that Nico is becoming a big boy (tears!!) and so his new room needed to be planned out differently than I had designed his nursery. Everything from the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms, had to be planned starting from square one since we brought nothing with us. And as fun and creativity-challenging as this task has been, it was also a bit daunting at first.

As I said, I have one house of ideas planned out on my Pinterest page, and I’m constantly browsing ideas for decorating a new home. But actually getting my house to look like my vision was not easy at first. We did not have a huge budget because of expenses from our move. I heard of this place called Nebraska Furniture which has everything in terms of furniture and home decor. We checked them out and found them to be the perfect match of budget friendly and high quality. I must admit I was apprehensive and not very well-versed on how to decorate a house from scratch. But going to one place for all my furniture and home decor helped a lot when it came to coordinating matching pieces. Their selection is massive, ensuring I was able able to find items that fit my vision. They also assemble the furniture for you. For me this was a must. The one desk we bought from elsewhere and had to assemble ourselves took us 3 weeks to put together (and by us….I mean my husband!)

And, for my beloved readers, I’m so excited that Nebraska Furniture has agreed to offer you all 15% off their already great-value cribs from October 3rd to October 16th! Just use the code 15MELO, and, you can order online, in store, and by phone. They’re available throughout the U.S., AND they offer free next day UPS shipping! Check out their crib selection here!

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