4 Weeks of Home and Gym Workouts Plus Cardio

 Choose where you want to train from, and get new and easy to follow weekly workouts for the duration of the 4 Weeks! – We also offer modifications for postpartum moms as well as moms with Diastasis recti and Pelvic Floor Issues

The food

Learn our exclusive ‘’No Diet Diet’’ method

Access to our custom designed calorie calculator- which is suitable to breastfeeding moms- and learn how to calculate how much of each food type you should be eating, plus meal plan templates. (Cookies included)

the coaching

Instructional Videos For All Exercises

With the help of these videos, you will take all the guesswork out of the exercises, and  it will be like you have your very own virtual personal trainer  me – Nathalia- there with you!

the guide

Weekly Live Q&A

Each week, for the duration of the challenge, I- Nathalia will be going live in our private group, where all your questions will be answered. You are not in this alone in this journey!

the community

You’ lI get access to our closed community you will find the support, motivation, and inspiration to keep on being your Bada$$ self, even on the tough days-  Because you’re not alone in this journey!

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In this program I guide you by sharing all the strategies I have learned in my 20+ years experience (which has earned a Bikini Olympia title), and that has helped changed the bodies and lives of thousands of women!


✓  Daily Home AND Gym Workouts
✓ Cardio Plan
 Custom Calorie Intake
Access to: The No Diet Diet: The Simple Way to Lose Weight And Keep It Off Recipes
Access to : ‘’Change your mindset:  A Fit Chick’s Guide to Greatness’’
Exercise Modifications for Postpartum Moms
Lifetime Access
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Success Stories

What they are saying about our program

Nathalia took the time to explain everything, and for the first time I was taught (and understood!) what macros are and that is not hard to be conscious (and consistent) about what you eat and how much you eat.


What I loved the most about the challenge is that it’s given me the confidence to push myself that little bit further! Each time I trained, I realized I have strength to try new things and lift that bit heavier.


I loved that the challenge isn’t a fad! I actually learned about what I eat and can now make realistic and sustainable changes to my nutrition.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am vegetarian/Vegan, can I do this program?

Yes! Our method caters to vegans/vegetarians, and We have plety of meal plan templates that are plant based.

I am breastfeeding, will this affect my milk supply?

Our calorie calculator caters to breastfeeding moms taking into account even the age of your baby/toddler. Plus, you will have the support to ask questions in case you notice any changes in your milk supply.

Will this program work if I live in a different country?

Yes, gurl! Everything is done online. We have women from all over the world join the 4 Weeks To Fit program and have the same incredible results.

I am not comfortable posting my pictures, is it ok?

You are not obliged to post them and you can still do the program; however, if you don’t post your pictures you will not qualify for the prizes.

I don’t have Facebook. Is it a problem?

We normally encourage the ladies who take part in the 4 Weeks to Fit program to even create a ‘’dummy’’ account (an account with no personal information) just so they can see what is happening in our community; However, if you do not want to, it is perfectly ok. Just remember that our check ins are done in the group, so without checking in you will not qualify for the prizes.

Is this program only for moms?

Absolutely not! This program is for anyone who wants to change their bodies and their relationship with food.

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