Women ENPower Day

In the Women EN Power Day, we will be talking about everything that can and WILL make YOU
feel stronger and in charge of your life! From having control over your bodies through exercise
and Nutrition to an honest talk about Mental Health and how you can start making changes

Also, Learn Nathalia’s top tips to staying on track when life gets busy!

What is happening:

  • 1 Bootcamp Workout
  • 1 High Intensity Workout for home


  • You can’t shape your body without shaping your mind. But, How? (With Special Guest)
  • Why your diet isn’t working and how to make it work for you and your life.
  • The Mom Bod. Understanding the Changes

When- November 17th, 2018
Where- The Den (109A N Greenville Av, Allen- TX)
Time- 11:30AM -6:30PM.